Sal Leaf Plate Manufacturing Unit Installation

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Village: Charidanga
Panchayat: Gopalpur
Block: Kanksha
District: Burdwan
State: West Bengal

A Sal leaf plate manufacturing unit has been installed with immediate effect at Charridanga. To set up this unit, we have installed a plate making machine and a sewing machine.

It is a remote village, 12.9 Kms. from our Durgapur Campus, consisting of marginalized tribal group. The group consists of 36 households, each having on an average 4 family members.

The young girls of the village accumulate these Sal leaves from their surrounding and cater them to the elderly women. Simultaneously these high-octane women quite vigorously execute the task of the leaf joining and punching in the machine and then these plates are sewed in the sewing machine for extending its longevity and thereby in a sure-fire way these plates are manufactured, which are to be sold in the market by their menfolk.

The aim of the project is to provide sustainable livelihood to excluded tribal through various farm and non-farm activities, for their integrated development. Enabling the tribal’s as entrepreneurs through income-generation activities such as sal leave plate manufacturing unit.

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