Pinnacle Shatranj

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It is the most prestigious event, arranged by Pinnacle Infotech. Like every year this year as well Pinnacle Shatranj was organized in association with Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy. Pinnacle Shatranj comprises of a rapid open chess tournament and interschool chess tournament.The presence of Grand Master Dipyendu Barua, his better half women Grand Master Saheli Dhar Barua and International Master Niraj Mishra encouraged these budding talents of Durgapur.


Chess Camp, PIS Durgapur Campus


23rd January to 26th January, 2016


Chess Players & several schools from Durgapur, Assansol & Burdwan

Special Participation/guest

Grand Master DibyenduBarua, Woman Grand Master SaheliDharBarua, International Master Niraj Mishra

Purpose of the Event

Encourage the budding talents of this region and promote chess among the kids

End Result

Students, from 24 School spread over 3 Districts, several chess playing enthusiasts and players along with Several Pinnacle employees participated in this event.

Special Mentions

It’s a yearly event, conducted in association with Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy. This year tournament was divided into two categories named as – ‘Rapid Open Chess’ and ‘Inter-School Chess’ Tournament.

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