Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities, June’16

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Boosting Team Spirit in Unique Way & Enhancing Productivity

Pinnacle Infotech – the leading Building Information Modeling Service Provider in the world is boosting team spirit among employees through corporate activities. This promotes teamwork and creativity, generates pride among employees and enhances their productivity.

Let’s check out Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities in June, 2016 in respect of HR & Employee Engagement, Research & Development, Case Study & Social Cause:

I. HR & Employee Engagement

a) New Members Joining Pinnacle’s Team in June, 2016– Pinnacle appointed Amrita Mukherjee on 10th of June, 2016 & R. Bala Subramaniyan on 14th of June, 2016.

b) Monthly Quiz – Like other months, monthly quiz was also organized by Pinnacle in June, evaluating the reasoning skills and aptitude of employees. Pinnacle declared the winner of the contest and congratulated him.

c) Moving up the Ladder – There is always opportunities available for all at Pinnacle to keep moving up the ladder by means of promotions and others. Recently, we opened our windows to the team members of CAD Drafting team with pre-requisite qualification and experience to check their desires of taking up challenges of the 3D BIM world through CAD to BIM exam.

d) PPL Final – The United Royals won by 1 run – After a crackling event on Saturday, 18th June 2016, PINNACLE PREMIER LEAGUE for this year came to an end. Cultural Program and Congratulations to all the participating teams will be organized to showcase an excellent display of rivalry and kudos to the Three Winners – Red Lions, Kamikaze and The United Royals!

e) Great Place to Work® Blog Carnival 2016 – Pinnacle invited its employees to participate in the blog writing contest for ‘Great Place to Work®’ and share short 500 word articles featuring unique practices that make a great workplace for employees. This Blog Carnival provided an exclusive opportunity for the employees to showcase some unique practices of the organization through Blogs, Greatness Diaries and get recognized for the same! The platform intends to serve as an inspiration and a knowledge hub for those finding ways to embark on their own journey towards creating & sustaining a great workplace culture.

f) Pinnacle Photography Contest – Pinnacle also invited employees to participate in the upcoming Photography Contest with multifarious themes. Through this Contest, Pinnacle wants to nurture an inspirational community that prevails within the company. Pinnacle wants to support the photographers, who wish to share their important stories and influence the way people think through images. An internal exhibition will be held for all the selected works. Acclaimed photographer Madhu Sarkar will declare the winner of the contest.

g) Pinnacle organized Health Check Up Camp for Employees
The Health Check Up Camp organized by Pinnacle helped PIS employees to get the right health services, screenings and treatments and move towards longer and healthier life. This in-house medical camp was in association with Apollo clinic, covering various tests, including HB,TC, DC, ESR, CREATININE, CHOLESTEROL, BUN, BP and lots more.

h) Pinnacle made 8 hours training compulsory for MEP employees – Six MEP topics chosen by Pinnacle’s Training Department for the month of June, 2016 include BPMS Awareness and IT & ISO 27001 Awareness, Revit shop drawing template creation, Advance Revit Family Creation (Shared Parameter), The Process of starting a project (Modeling), US Standard in Fabrication Phase-III (HVAC) and US Standard in Fabrication Phase-III (Plumbing).

i) Pinnacle’s effected Floater Group Health Insurance Policy for the Regular NON-ESIC Employees and their Dependents
The scheme shall provide coverage for meeting all expenses relating to hospitalization of beneficiary members up to Rs 2,00,000/- or 4,00,000/- (as applicable) per family per year in any of the registered hospital / nursing home / day care unit subject to stated limits either on cashless basis through smart cards or through reimbursement by the Insurance company after submitting the claim documents to the TPA. The benefit will be available to each and every member of the family on floater basis i.e. the total reimbursement of Rs 2,00,000/- or 4,00,000/- (as applicable) can be availed either by one individual or collectively by all members of the family.

j) Work Place Conduct Rules – Use of Mobile phones is banned for PIS Employees
Mobile phones are banned for PIS employees beyond a duly notified point, while entering production building. Managers are to report the names of the employees to the HRD for violating this rule. There will be regular security rounds in the floors to check the phones by physical frisking.

II. Research & Development

Pinnacle’s RND Team come up with new Add-Ins, Tools, & Apps:
a) Revit Add-ins: Kubity Exporter – Pinnacle researched Revit add-in – Kubity Exporter which helps the users to see all Autodesk® Revit® models in Virtual Reality (VR) on Google Cardboard with just one click. This plug-in enables the “Export to Kubity” option in Revit and allows seamless model transfer to the new Kubity app. The user has to click on the Kubity button and the Revit model opens automatically in the browser within a few seconds. Once the model has been exported, the generated QR code will be scanned with Kubity app on the Smartphone (it’s a free download from the App Store and Google Play Store) to let the user enjoy the VR mode. The Revit Add-ins are compatible with Revit 2017.
b) Pinnacle developed AutoCAD Lisp – Auto-Layering as respective of AutoCAD object type: The Autolisp will Assign layer as respective of AutoCAD object type (i.e. Dimension, Leader, Dtext, Mtext, etc.) for Shop drawing.
c) Pinnacle developed Revit Project Purge to clean all values of project parameters in Revit entities/families. This is compatible with Revit 2014.
d) Pinnacle published a synopsis on Revit Fabrication for fabrication detailing, documentation and the improvement of hanger, layout, part modeling and fabrication service conversion. The Design to Fabrication tool presents a list of potential related services for selected design level of detail duct and pipe elements. The converted elements are generated as per the rules defined in the fabrication services.
e) Pinnacle Knowledge Base – Pinnacle will soon be launching a new process of Knowledge Management which will include Add-in Portal as a repository for all Add-in related information, Video Tutorial for the employees, who love to learn by watching videos, Events for enhancing employee’s knowledge and Knowledge Bits for production employees.

III. Case Studies

Pinnacle performed case studies and developed Betterment Tips & Tricks for team members in the process of using AutoCAD.

a. AutoCAD: How to set default stack fractional format?
Problem: The stacking type of fraction in a text field (Mtext) is diagonal if Autostacking is on and if the user wants to change the default stacking type for fraction to be horizontal, then a process has to be followed to fulfill the requirement.

Tips: The user can save the Current Settings for Autostack formats for further usage to avoid the repeated stack format settings. Moreover, when the users enter a fraction and press the space bar, a lightning bolt icon gets displayed from AutoCAD 2015 and onward.
In order to change the default format for stacked fractions Pinnacle makes a note of the following process:

Click the lightning bolt => Stack Properties and Make Changes in the Stack Properties dialog box
In order to change the format setting temporarily, Click the lightning bolt => Horizontal or Diagonal

b. Pinnacle investigated – ‘How Some Objects can be copied from one AutoCAD Interface to another?”
Issue: Some unexpected massages arise in AutoCAD application while working with Fabrication CADmep. Whenever some objects are selected for copying to another drawing file as per the respective need of the projects, a massage gets displayed like “Copy to clipboard failed”. Consequently, the users are not able to paste the required design to the current working file.
Cause: Pinnacle detected the root cause of this problem. There are hidden properties of some objects that may not be AutoCAD trusted objects and the clipboard concept does not work properly with the same.
Solutions: Even if, there is no accurate solution to make the objects as trusted objects, the users can copy the objects indirectly to the recommended dwg file. However, the objects copied from one session to another may affect the same issue with the destination file.

PIS identified the process of collecting objects:

Source Dwg File:

The command WBLOCK should be executed at the command line of source dwg file from where it needs to be copied
The objects should be selected that need to be pasted at the destination file
The setting of Write Block window is most important for effectively copying the required objects only (Source: Objects, the Pick point should be used at the nearest point of the selected objects)
File names can be changed as per the user requirement from File name and path section

Destination DWG File:

The INSERT command should be executed at the command line of destination dwg file

The Browse button should be pressed for selecting the dwg file, created by using the WBLOCK command from the decided location
The OK button should be pressed and the block will appear with the selected objects of the source
An insertion point needs to be located and exploded
The desired design must be chosen as per recommendation

c. Roadmap for the Beginner – Pinnacle simplified the process of creating Plot Styles in AutoCAD.
Often the clients provide AutoCAD plot files as per projects need. However, it’s the responsibility of the users to put the CTB or STB files in the Plot Styles folder for AutoCAD to recognize them. Pinnacle simplified the process of creating new CTB file to the beginners.
d. Pinnacle simplified the process of finding a DWG format – Often, it becomes essential to determine the DWG format of a drawing or to find which version of AutoCAD was used to create/save a DWG. Pinnacle revealed a couple of easy ways to determine which specific DWG format the file is currently in. Upon opening a DWG file in AutoCAD, the Command line will show the current format of the DWG file. On the other hand, you can open a DWG file in Notepad and the first six characters will show the DWG version, though a bit more cryptically.

IV. Social – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

a. Pinnacle installed submersible water pump in Ramar Bhuin Village in Bankura – Pinnacle facilitated the irrigation process and the cultivation of various crops in Ramar Bhuin village in the Bankura district in West Bengal by installing submersible water pump. This helped the villagers to get the flow of water and retain the fertility of soil. Moreover, the farmers don’t have to depend on the seasonal vegetables and can now plant crops four times in a year, instead of 2 times as before.
b. Pinnaclites started working for the environment & community – Pinnacle is supporting peasant community of nearby villages and driving plantation activities. It has the plan to plant trees in villages for supporting local community. The program to be held on non-working Saturday/Sunday is not just for planting trees, but to create a socio-environmental impact for preserving greenery and addressing social problems.

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