Pinnacle Premier League 2016

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Pinnacle Premier League, being one of the most entertaining inter-departmental cricket tournaments organized by Pinnacle employees, engaged a large team of players divided into 8 groups. The tournament is enthusiastically played and followed by the 850 employees of Pinnacle. It was a month long engagement with group league match taking place every morning, followed by the semi-finals and finals. The Final day had two matches – the match for the Third Position as well as for the Finals. The Grand Finale was choreographed with High definition Video Cameras, shooting the action from different angles and projecting the match LIVE on a Giant Screen, placed on the ground. These facilitated the Third Umpire review, ascertaining a fair play and flawless judgment. Furthermore, a special attraction of the day was the use of flood light as the Final match was scheduled at night. Moreover, Live DJ and commentator cum presenter added to the excitement. The two finalists – United Royals and Kamikaze exhibited a nail biting finish and the Royals won the match by brilliantly bowling 2 dot balls when just 2 runs were needed for Kamikaze to win the match. Overall, Pinnaclelites had a great time with the cricket tournament.


Cricket Ground – Pinnacle Premises – Durgapur Campus


18th May – 18th June


Heads of every department franchised a Team of their own and bought players who were put up in auction and formed eight teams comprising a total of 12 members (9 playing members and 3 extras).


CEO, Director, General Manager


Employee Engagement Activity


Flood lights facilitated the night match. Besides, DJ & Commentator entertained the crowd. Moreover, the cameras captured every action from different angles and projected the same on giant screen, facilitating the 3rd Umpire judgment. Three different trophies with cash prizes were announced for the Winner, Runners Up & for the team in the Third Position. Cheques were also given to the Player of the Tournament, Batman of the Tournament, Bowler of the Tournament and Man of the Match for all matches.

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