Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities In August 2016

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Pinnacle Infotech – the leading BIM Service Provider in USA, UK, Middle East, India and rest of the world emphasizes on corporate activities for building a competent team. This aims at improving communication skills, team dynamics, group planning, teamwork and solving organizational problems. Let’s check out Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities in the month of August, 2016 in two categories including HR & Employee Engagement and Research & Development.

A.  HR & Employee Engagement

I. Pinnacle Announced the Result of Competency Evaluation Test for Production Team

Pinnacle announced the Promotion Test Result Conducted in April & June, 2016 – The zest and conscientious application to the job responsibilities, extreme dedication and professionalism and performance in the promotion tests have proved that the employees deserve every bit of respective promotions. They have been punctual about the deadlines of the projects and have been very ingenious in their work. They also have proved to be keen and prolific employees, always ready for new challenges and tasks. In recognition of their achievements Pinnacle congratulated the following team members:

II. Independence Day Celebration at Pinnacle – Pinnacle team members celebrated the 70th Independence Day by flag hoisting at Pinnacle Durgapur campus at 9.30 AM on 15th August, 2016. They also visited Karandanga village (20 mins from Durgapur campus) with Pinnacle CEO, Mr. Bimal Kumar Patwari and Mrs. Sapna Patwari to the only school of the village with a humble strength of 29 students (average student age of 4 years) and 2 teachers for flag hoisting .


III. Pinnacle Organized Cultural Progam on 6th of August 2016 – Pinnacle arranged Cultural Program to celebrate the richness of Indian culture. Employees attended the event with their family members and foods were distributed to all.


IV. Pinnacle Awarded Members at Half Yearly Rewards & Recognition Program (Jan to June 2016)

Pinnacle organized the 2016 Half Yearly Rewards & Recognition Program and rewarded members for attaining success in various disciplines including Innovation, Training & Development, Leadership, Discipline, Young Professional, Client Feedback, On Site Deputation and Highest Exam Marks.

The winners for the various categories included:



B.  Research & Development

i. Autodesk Revit Model Plug-in Review – Pinnacle conducted a review for Autodesk Revit Model plug-in, which helps to automate the process of evaluating and auditing building information modeling (BIM) projects in Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® MEP, or Autodesk® Revit® Structure software. The Revit Add-ins help to check the accuracy and consistency of a Project or Family against standards set by the firm, clients, or industry. Moreover, it corrects inconsistencies with a single click or by means of instructions provided when manual fixes are required. Autodesk Revit Model Review is based on 2 functions – checking and managing and the tools are found on the Add-Ins tab Model Review panel in the ribbon. The Add-ins are compatible with Revit 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

ii. New Tool AutoCAD Lisp & Revit Sheet Export – Pinnacle’s Research & Development team developed Autolisp for Closed Contour Creation, consisting of Arc and Line. Using the Autolisp, user can draw closed pline consisting of Arc and line as per project need. Pinnacle team also developed Revit Sheet Export for exporting sheet into DWG, DWF and PDF (Only One sheet at a time). The tool helped to reduce manual efforts for exporting sheet into DWG, DWF & PDF and it is compatible with Revit 2014, 2015 & 2016.

iii. Tips & Tricks developed by Research & Development Team – Pinnacle created significant tactics for improving the performance of AutoCAD Cycle through View Ports using CTRL+R, which helps to toggle between multiple View Ports. This facilitated the users to work while activating child view ports in respect of other view ports. Pinnacle Research and Development Team also formulated a strategy about AutoCAD Tool palette creation from sample AutoCAD file, In-Place Attribute Editing in AutoCAD, Leader Copied as a clone/child leader and Placing Hatches to a predefined Layer. Moreover, Pinnacle implemented methods for Revit File Maintenance and reducing Revit file size.

iv. Case Studies – Assigning Plot Setup for Batch Plot: Pinnacle conducted a case study for setting Plot Configurations (including Plot Style Table, Paper Size) in each Batch Plotting Preparation. This facilitated assigning batch plot by creating page setup with required CTB file and assigning page set-up within batch plot. Using the batch plot preparation, it becomes easy to plot the selected dwg file without opening the files. The plot gets published as per the existing setting of the layout.

C.  Other Activities:

i. Pinnacle Opened New Office in UK to Facilitate BIM Implementation – Pinnacle has opened a new office in London to provide BIM solutions and implementation for the UK construction sector. The new office in London is expected to facilitate existing and prospective UK clients to better interact with Pinnacle about the problems of BIM implementation and know more about the latest innovations and developmental technologies driving the future construction industry. Pinnacle will assist the industry professionals in the UK to find out the necessary tools for navigating and adapting the BIM landscape shift. International BIM standards like PAS1192/BS1192 will be followed by Pinnacle in UK to support the achievement of BIM maturity Level 2.


ii. Msheireb Downtown Construction Case Study Published by Autodesk – Pinnacle implemented BIM using Autodesk software to meet the demanding goals set for the construction of Msheireb Downtown. Project team benefitted from Autodesk building suite comprising of Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, Autodesk® Revit® Structure and Autodesk® Revit® MEP for the design & documentation of Msheireb. Check out the case study on Msheireb.

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