Using Fabrication Part in Revit 2017

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Are you using Fabrication in Revit for MEP? The 2017 Revit Version is all set to match construction workflow by providing the ability to use Fabrication in Revit. However, do you think it is easy to implement? Stay tuned to our webinar on 5th October, 2016 to get the perfect way out for design and construction in Revit 2017 Fabriation.

We will be talking about Unavailability of Rotate Attacher Tool Bar in Revit 2017 to rotate System or Fittings. Our experts will be using Fabrication Part in Revit Interface to rotate fittings through keyboard command (space bar). The efficient process will settle on the rotate crisis of fittings and will eliminate the use of Rotate Attacher Bar, available in Fabrication CA mep.


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