Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities – Sep & Oct’16

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Pinnacle Infotech has geared up to build a competent team through corporate activities which helped in enhancing communication skills, teamwork and resolving organizational issues. Every month, Pinnacle is organizing corporate programs to motivate team members. The Pinnaclelites also enjoy their place of work and never get bored. Let’s check out what’s in store for the month of September & October, 2016:

i. Matches of Pinnacle Super League 2016 (Interdepartmental Football Tournament) – An outstanding display of football was witnessed at Pinnacle premises, Durgapur. Pinnacle’s Super League journey started with an auspicious ‘Jersey Distribution’ ceremony. Six teams participated from four different departments, namely ACS, MEP, CAD and Support. ACS and MEP nominated two teams each and CAD and Support nominated one team each. The teams were cordially presented respective color jerseys by Mr. S.S. Bisht on Official Jersey Distribution Ceremony, attended by the Captains of the respective teams along with Franchises Owners.

Opening match was held between CEO’s chosen IX vs. Director’s IX on 22nd of August, represented by the top officers of the organization. Two separate teams were formed, united by the best footballers of Pinnacle. A friendly match took place with the two teams of the two adopted villages of Pinnacle – Charridanga and Karandanga respectively. After all teams had faced each other for one game, top four teams started the contest for the final leg of the Pinnacle Super League 2016.

PIN BIMbarders of ACS Department stood at the Third Place, whereas Elite Electrocuters of MEP 2 department and Maverick Mechanites of MEP 1 department hailed the Runners Up and Winner position respectively. Bhaskar Saha – the mid-fielder of Mechanites, with a record of 9 goals became the Best Goal Scorer, whereas Anupam Panja from Mechanites was declared to be the Best Goal Keeper. The striker from Electrocuters became the Man of the Tournament for his best efforts throughout the tournament.

  • Start Date – 22nd Aug, 2016
  • End Date – 30th September, 2016
  • Total Matches Held for Super League – 22, out of which 3 friendly matches for Exhibition
Department Team Names Owners
ACS 2 Executive CIVILians Biprajit, Goutam & Soumya
Support & Training Sparkling Newbies Bisht & Pantha
MEP 2 Elite Electrocuters Anirban, Balasubramaniyan & Pankaj
MEP 1 Maverick Mechanites Sougato Banerjee
ACS 1 PIN BIMbarders Soumen Mukherjee
CAD Dynamic Drafterz Samar Sen

Match 1: Pinnacle A vs. Karandanga Village – The game began with a slight shower making the ground all muddy and lot slippery yet providing a pleasant weather to the two sides. An energetic Pinnacle’s Team and enthusiastic Karandanga Village Team seemed ever ready for the friendly face off. The 8-a-side match avowed with cheers and applause from the ever jovial audience of Pinnacle. The village team made some excellent moves making Pinnacle defenders – Somnath and Anupam to sprint a little harder. The game was fairly played and a perfectly unbiased decision was made by referee Abdul and linesmen, Subrato and Diptoraj. The match summarized with a score of 1-0, stating ‘Pinnacle A’ as the winner of the game.

Match 2: Director’s Team vs. CEO’s Team – The second match of the day was a treat to watch for all the audience. Some of the Heads along with few other Pinnaclelites formed two teams, franchised by the Director and CEO respectively. Non-footballers who participated in the match were seasoned but this made the game more enjoyable. Be it Gautam Das trying to dodge the ball with a punch, Biprajit Nag desperately tackling his opponent, Sougato Banerjee at the defense line or Pradip Biswas dribbling and showing off his professional skills – all entertained the audiences and players alike. Both halves remained goal less and hence brought forward to a penalty shootout. Argha Modak failed miserably to save even one penalty and his opponent goalie, Anirban Saha saved just one with his hands and even that was shot by Argha. The CEOs lost to Directors by 3-0 at penalty shootout.

Match 3: The horn-locking encounter between PIN BIMbarders (ACS-1) and Dynamic Drafterz (CAD) resulted in a 1-0 win in favor of ACS-1 when an aerial ball was lobbed in by the 21st minute forced substitute Sujit Das who took right advantage of the dis-coordination between the CAD defenders & goal-keeper to net the only deciding goal of the match in the dying 39th minute of the match. Dibakar along with Kajal, Mintanu and others kept on their attack from the early minutes of the match, but unfortunately could not connect.

Match 4: Elite Electrocuters left no stone unturned to find the nets, but the determined defensive game plan of Executive CIVILians proved to be the most painful thorn in their path of victory. Both teams tried to entertain the spectators with their fast pace & aggressive football. However, a slight push by Diptaraj of MEP-2 on the ACS-2 Captain Sanjit at 40th minute ignited the flames which resulted in some heated exchange of words and the referee – Somnath had to intervene to resort the matter and restore the true spirit of the game. Both Diptaraj and Sanjit gracefully embraced each other and hence maintained “What happens on field, Stays On Field..”

Result: Elite Electrocuters Vs. Executive CIVILians – 0-0, Dibakar Dey of Executive CIVILians was adjudged the ‘Man of the Match’ by Referee Somnath Ghosh.

Match 5: Newbies were out-played by the Mechanites as they thrashed the Training & Support team by 6-0. It was an utter display of domination of MEP-1 attack, under whose influence the Newbie defence line had to surrender. The devastated Newbies hoped for a comeback in their next encounter with another giant MEP-2, while MEP-1 tried to carry forward their winning streak.

Bhaskar Saha of Maverick Mechanites was adjudged the ‘Man of the Match’ by Referee Diptaraj Paul.

ii. Table Tennis & Carrom Tournaments – September saw the clash of all indoor games lovers at Pinnacle. Open Tournaments for Table Tennis and Carrom were organized, where Pinnaclelites participated in singles, doubles and mixed doubles categories. Enthusiasm soared high for participants who continued playing until late night.


iii. Competency Test – There was a 60 minute online test for Aptitude and Psychometrics, comprising multiple choice questions. The online test for all Pinnacle members commenced at 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 22nd of Sep 2016. The questions appeared randomly to each member with no BACK option (no one could go back in any question.) Appearing on the test was mandatory for all grades and levels up to and including Sr. Managers.

iv. Mahalaya CelebrationMahalaya is an auspicious occasion, observed seven days before Durga Puja, heralding the advent of Mother Goddess – Durga. It’s an invocation to the mother Goddess to descend on Earth. The Mahalaya started at – 4:00 AM by listening to the enchanting voice of late Mr. Birendra Krishna Bhadra and the mesmerizing devotional song – “JagoTumiJago” on the radio program ‘Mahisasurmardini’. Pinnaclelites joined together to burst crackers and greeted each other at the Amphitheatre. This was followed by the Third Position Football Match of Pinnacle Super League 2016 – Interdepartmental Football Tournament. The Finals of the football tournament started from 4:00 PM, followed by beat of Dhak (traditional drums) being played all around the campus. Pinnaclelites joined together to perform the traditional Dhunuchi (Indian incense burner) dance.


v. Blood Donative Drive at Pinnacle Campus – Like every year, this year too Pinnacle organized Blood Donation Drive at Durgapur Campus on 30th of September, 2016 – the day of Mahalaya before Durga Puja. Pinnaclelites supported this noble cause.


vi. Drama Competition – Another attraction of the day was the TREEHAT drama competition – where three teams participated and showcased their talent on 30th of September, 2016. Members of Pinnacle’s music club – “Hashtag#49” performed dance songs with the audience joining to their tunes.


vii. Pinnacle organized training for Production Team:

Training for ACS: Workshop Based Training Session on Revit Add-ins, AutoCAD Add-ins Awareness for Implementation, Life Safety Analysis & Design Basics, SD Standard (Annotation, Text), General Standard of Revit Contents, KPFF Projects, Hyperlinking & Document Comparison, Procedure/Process to set up a project initially in Revit & CAD

Training for MEP: Pinnacle arranged 12 training topics for the month of September 2016, divided into two parts – Basic and Advance from which three topics were compulsory to attend for all members and rest three topics were elective (Basic & Advance).

MEP Basic Comp. – Hangers, Supports & Inserts, Electrical Fixture Detection, Duct Specification, Connection Type, Material & Resizing

MEP Basic Elective – Types of Services – Drainage Piping with Fittings, Different Kind of Tap Connection & Duct Fittings, Constructability Review

MEP Adv. Comp. – Valves, Accessories & Access, Plant Room Walkway Consideration, Cable Tray & Conduit

MEP Adv. Electric – Equipment & Installation – AHU, RTU, Coordination Issues & Relation with RFIs

viii. Pinnacle announced the successful selection of Somali Ray for the role of HOD (ACS) – Somali proved to be the most promising and upcoming leader in a rigorous and competitive selection process conducted by Pinnacle on the last week of August, 2016. Pinnacle congratulated her to assume responsibilities of the challenging role.

ix. Pinnacle congratulated Wg. Commander Bisht for his achievement – Wing Commander Soban Singh Bisht (Retd), General Manager – Head HR and Admin has been awarded prestigious “‘A Leadership Award’ under ‘Professional Excellence in General Administration’ category by FMLA (Facility Management Leaders Association) and CE Worldwide. Pinnacle team members along with Pinnacle CEO – Mr. Bimal Kumar Patwari congratulated Wg. Commander Bisht for this great achievement.

x. BIM Webinar on 5th October – Pinnacle organized BIM Webinar on 5th of October, 2016 to discuss Pinnacle’s Approach to Fabrication in Revit 2017. This helped to know more about Customized Fabrication Database in Revit 2017, Addressing Section Datum in Revit 2017 and using Fabrication Part in Revit 2017. Pinnacle speakers – Mr. Pinaki Rajak, Manager – COE/MEP & Mr. Abhijit Ghosh, Deputy Manager – RND discussed on how to add value to design, engineering & construction needs.

xi. Pinnacle Participating in Newforma World 2016 at Atlanta, USA this September – Pinnacle participated in the Newforma World 2016 User Conference on 13-14 September, 2016. Mr. Bimal Kumar Patwari, CEO & Mr. Scott Pittman, Vice President (U. S operations), Pinnacle Infotech Inc gave the presentations on “Managing production on Jeddah Tower” (previously known as Kingdom Tower) which promises to be the world’s tallest. The project is a gargantuan collaboration challenge, demanding the highest levels of error-free production. Pinnacle using Newforma Project Center has managed workload with 80 MEP engineers, collaborating between offices in India & Saudi Arabia. In this presentation, Pinnacle described how the production is streamlined with controlled quality on this high profile project. Achievements include automating customized transmittal production to slash 24 minutes from the process.

Venue: Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center, 800 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

xii. Vishwakarma Puja – Pinnaclelites have united every year to celebrate the auspicious festival. This year they had constructed a temporary structure themed on the holy river Ganges flowing down the Himalayan ranges into city life. They created a cable-stayed bridge and left a few boats floating around it. On the morning of 17th September, ’16, all Pinnaclelites came dressed in traditional ethnic wear and attended the Morning Prayer followed by the worship. Sweets were distributed to all and the festive became more dynamic with some lively songs.


xiii. Autodesk Published Pinnacle Case Studies – Autodesk published two case studies of Pinnacle this September, emphasizing on BIM work process.

I Ambuja Patna City Center – one of the prestigious projects undertaken by Pinnacle – a mixed use residential and commercial construction situated in City Center, Lodipur, Patna, State of Bihar, India. Pinnacle has received NDTV award for providing BIM facilities for the Residential Towers with 19 Floors (G+17+Roof+Above Roof) & 1 Commercial Mall with 14 floors (B+G+12+Roof). Pinnacle has extensively used Autodesk Revit for saving significant time and money with the help of BIM for this project. Click here for more info on Ambuja Patna City Center Case Study published by Autodesk.

II Dubai International Airport –another significant project undertaken by Pinnacle for executing the expansion of Concourse 4, a new concourse area of DI. The airline mission for Concourse 4 (C4) at DI is to serve all Airport Operations Other Airlines (OAL). Pinnacle worked with Autodesk software applications for crafting Infrastructure Marvel with BIM for the 3rd busiest airport in the world. Click here to know more on Dubai International Airport Case Study published by Autodesk.

xiv. New Research/Review by Pinnacle’s R & D Team:

a. AutoCAD: Easy Attach – Easy Attach helps to attach documents directly on blueprints. The Easy Attach Add-ins are handy tools, by which user can easily attach all of the reference file (supported) in AutoCAD interface.


  • All supported reference files will be attached with one activity
  • The support file will be selected as multiple selection concept
  • The attachment will be made as per current layer in AutoCAD interface
  • The attached file will be attached as a practical conceptual method
  • The base point of all attached files will be of orthogonal alignment
  • The attached file will be attached as per file naming concept

Compatible with Autodesk AutoCAD 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

b. Revit Add-ins: 3D Printing App for Autodesk Revit – This easy to use app installs 3D printing app in Revit. After clicking the 3D print button, one can repair, analyze and scale model. Moreover, one can choose from a wide range of materials and compare different 3D printing services.

  • One-click upload
  • Showing prices from 3D printing services
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Download of the repaired file (STL)
  • Secure file transfer with SSL

Compatible with Revit 2015 & 2016
c. AutoCAD: BricsCAD – BricsCAD is a powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling.

  • Good looking interface
  • User can change the classic mode or Ribbon mode
  • Tree type explorer for interface/options settings
  • Common window for Layermanager, Dimension style, Text style
  • Dwg, dxf and dwt file will be saved by using this application
  • DWF, IFC, STL File formats available by exporting
  • Print and publish facility will be available
  • Design enter, Tool palette
  • Customized tool creation
  • Some of Developed tools support with the application
  • Snap settings and quick properties are available

d. Revit Add-ins: CAD Tracer – CADTracer is designed to allow Autodesk® Revit® users to replace CAD imports in projects with Revit Line work. In addition, one can create the traced lines within Revit Families either as Symbolic Lines or Model lines (depending on Family Template used). CAD Tracer allows users to map Revit Line Styles with CAD Layers thereby achieving precise control of Line Weights and Line Styles. This tool can be used to convert 3D imports to 2D Line work and vice versa. CAD Tracer is an ideal means to convert CAD blocks to Revit Families. If used as the first step of the Family-creation process, one can have a working version (as far as plan representation is concerned) of a Revit Family with hardly any effort.

  • Layer Mapping
  • Model and Symbolic Lines
  • Tracing
  • Corner Cases
  • Saving and Sharing Presets

Compatible with: Revit 2015 & 2016
e. Software Development – New Tools & Apps – Revit: Mark Warnings – This tool is used to remove duplicate Mark Warnings for a Revit project file to increase the health of the file.
f. AutoCAD Lisp: Leader Attachment with Text/Mtext – By using the Autolisp the user can be able to easily attached leader with Text or Mtext by selection of recommended one.
AutoLisp Name: Ldr2Atldr.lsp, Command: LD2AL

g. Revit: Pinnacle Add-ins Modification – Purge – It is used to purge documents according to the option provided in tool Project Parameter & Line Patterns.

  • Project Parameter – This option is used to clean project parameter values in documents.
  • Line Pattern – This option is used to delete imported cad pattern or unused line pattern from documents.
  • Purpose: To reduce working time of purge document

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015 & 2016
xv. Tips & Tricks for Betterment

a. AutoCAD: Object Snap Cycling – When drawings get crowded with lots of detail, it can be difficult to select the required snap point with running object snaps. Invariably, the snap point that AutoCAD finds is not the one you want. This is where object snap cycling comes to the rescue. With running object snap turned on, hover the cursor close to the snap point you want and hit the Tab key on the keyboard to move between the various possible snap points near the cursor. Keep hitting the Tab key until you find the snap point you want. When you’ve got it, left-click to select the point.

b. Revit: How to hide unused Sections, Callouts & Elevations – When we are creating shop drawings, we have to deal with many sections, callouts and elevations but we do not use all of them in the sheet. Some of them are unused. We have to find out those and hide with Revit filter option. Steps are given in the following for easy reference.


  • Go to Visibility Graphics (VG/VV)
  • Select the Filter options from Visibility Graphics DB and click on Edit/New button
  • Create a new parameter i.e. Hide Unused Sections, Callouts & Elevations
  • Under Categories select Callouts, Elevations, and Sections
  • Create the Filter Rules
  • Filter by Sheet Number > Does not Equal and the value is blank
  • Add the newly created in Visibility Graphics DB and uncheck the Visibility box
  • Now no unused callouts, elevations or sections will be visible in required view

xvi. Case Studies
a. Longtime opening issue in Fabrication CADmep 2014
Issue: Fabrication CADmep drawing file not opening with different databases – Mainly, we have two databases (Imperial and Metric). The not-opening issue occurred after some elements get copied from the drawing file provided by the client.
Cause: The files have some causes for late opening:

  • The elements of the source files are designed/drawn at the Educational product of Autodesk
  • Affected by Educational plot stamp issue with the drawing file
  • Contain many complex line types, not selectable by normal filter
  • Have some DGN properties
  • Database not established in the right way, preventing smooth performance with Autodesk Fabrication CADmep product
  • Presence of overriding elements

The model objects are drawn at a far distance from the Zero (0,0,0) point value
Solutions: The users have to follow a step-by-step process to resolve the issue. The users should check the actual model co-ordination and the core properties drawn.

  • Open the AutoCAD 2013 or upper version (New session) from where the Drawing Purge Add-Ins to be performed
  • Go to the Plug-ins/Add-ins tab and access the Batch Purge from the loaded drawing purge Add-Ins or execute the command “_DWG-PURGE-BATCH” and select the affected drawing file by pressing the “Select drawings” button (no need to open the drawing file aspect from the longtime opening issue)
  • Open the AutoCAD 2010, execute the “RECOVER” command and continue opening with “Show proxy graphics”
  • Save as the drawing with new name in the AutoCAD 2010 interface
  • Open the drawing new named drawing file in AutoCAD 2015 interface to obsolete the Educational Plot stamp issue from the drawing file and save the drawing file
  • Finally, open the drawing file in Fabrication CADmep 2014 Inter face after loading the required database
  • Apply “OVERKILL” command to remove the overlapping elements from the drawing
  • The user should move the drawn model/design near the zero value to get better performance (depending on client acceptance) in the said interface

Result: The drawing file errors will be minimized
b. Providing metric information from drawn Imperial element (Pipe, Duct) in Fabrication CADmep
Issue: How to set project configurations in Metric units? – As per project requirements, we have to prepare files with respect of spool in Imperial units and metric information of the drawing elements have to be submitted for shop drawings. For instance, 6” diameter pipe to present as 150mm diameter for shop drawing presentation.
Cause: In respect of spool drawings, the model has to be prepared in imperial units. However, the shop drawing information will be metric units. Generally, imperial services are displayed as imperial information (e.g. – Level, Size.).
Solutions: The ratio of imperial and metric is 1 inch: 25.4mm. Naturally, the database of the said drawing file will be set as per requirement. Since 6 inch will be 150mm (150/6 = 25), the ratio will be considered as 25 as per user recommendation.

  • Go to the database dialog box => CAD Settings => Takeoff => Annotation Tab => Option
  • From General => Value Multiplier, provide the recommended value for multiplication (i.e.: 25)
  • From Size Text => Format => Decimal
  • From Level Text => Round to Nearest as per user needs (i.e.: 1)

All other settings will be set as per user recommendation. In addition, the described setting has to be changed to get the metric value from the imperial elements.
xvii. Jaipur Production Centre – Another Feather in Cap for Pinnacle – Pinnacle purchased plot in Mahendra SEZ, Jaipur and the construction has already started on a fast pace. This would again be a world class facility. Some salient features would include:

  • Production capacity of almost 1100 persons with world class infrastructure and recreational facilities
  • Complete design management and construction management on BIM, which will ensure value engineering and timely completion
  • Pinnacle has already started recruiting people for the facilities and hope to kick start operations from Feb/March 2017 & full operations from June 2017
  • Pinnacle requested nominations from people who like to move to Jaipur office, due to limited openings for transfer to Jaipur. No residential facilities will be provided by Pinnacle at Jaipur, but apartments are available nearby at reasonable cost.


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