Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities – November & December, 2016

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Pinnacle Infotech is constantly enhancing social relations and defining roles within team members involving collaborative tasks through Corporate Activities every month. Let’s check out what’s in store for Pinnacle in the month of November & December, 2016:

Presented Case Study held at BIM Meeting, Pavillon Cambon, Paris on 8th of November, 2016

Pinnacle President Mr. Bimal Patwari was invited by Newforma to give the presentation on “Managing production on Jeddah Tower” (previously known as Kingdom Tower) which promises to be the world’s tallest. In this European Meeting of Digital Transition in the Construction Industry, 400+ BIM actors and decision-makers participated in debate, exchange and interventions around the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure in BIM. Since, BIM is a major challenge for all European players Meeting BIM intended to spread awareness in European country and receive concrete feedback from relevant international stakeholders in BIM (UK, Germany, Scandinavia and more).

Received the STPI Export Award – 2015-2016 for being the:

Top Exporter of IT/ITES – Tier – II/III Locations of West Bengal
Highest New Job Creator – IT/ITES – Tier – II/III Locations of West Bengal

Pinnacle was recognized for the efforts and achievements for being one of the top performing IT/ITeS companies of West Bengal. The award was presented during the Infocom 2016 event on Thursday, 1st December 2016 at Swissotel, City Center II, Kolkata.

Supporting healthy and hygienic eating programs for Production Team – Work is influenced by health and eating habits. Hygienic cooking ensures good health reducing the chance of falling sick, leading to less absence from work. Mr Peter D’Rozario – an internationally renowned and revered chef who has joined Pinnacle recently discussed with Pinnacle team on – “Whether work and workplace influenced by how you eat?”

Participated at the Autodesk University 2016 Exhibition & Classroom Sessions

Pinnacle Infotech participated at the Autodesk University 2016 Exhibition (Booth #2071) and Classroom Sessions (November 14 – 17) at the Venetian, Las Vegas, NV. Mr. Bimal Patwari (President), Mr. Scott Pittman (Vice President – US Operations) & Mr. Biswaroop Todi (Vice President – Global Operations) gave presentations for developing, deploying and integrating the latest Autodesk technologies to meet the designing and engineering needs.

Nov 14, (8:45-9:45 a.m.)

Topic: Maximizing ROI by Effective BIM Implementation for a 4-Million-Square-Foot Iconic Project (Session Code – MSF21728)
Speakers: Bimal Patwari, Mr. Scott Pittman

Nov 17, (8:30-9:30 a.m.)

Topic: BIM-Based Design Management and Value Engineering for the Tallest Tower in the World (Session Code – CS21759)
Speakers: Bimal Patwari, Mr. Scott Pittman

Nov 17, (10:30-11:30 a.m.)

Topic: A360—Compact Platform for Collaboration in BIM Projects (Session Code – AR20478)
Speakers: Bimal Patwari, Mr. Biswaroop Todi
Arranged training for the Production Team:

Training Topics:

As-built drawing, Concrete Tilt-up panel drawing w/ embed, Interpreting and working vis-a vis design development projects, Landscaping design, details and services coordination in site, Basic information of Site Modeling, Basic knowledge of Concrete & Steel structure, Workshop Based Session for Revit Add-ins, Different types of diffuser, Register, Grill and louver classification, Connection and differences, Plumbing Fixture & Connection Details, Workshop Based Session for Revit Add-ins, Steam Piping [Purpose, Source & Destination, Piping & Slopping Consideration, Steam trap, Drip leg etc.], LV & ELV service application in BIM modeling, Types of Services – Water Supply with fitting, HVAC mechanical room equipment connection details, Med Gas piping with fitting, Shop Drawing-General Concept, HVAC mechanical room equipment connection details

Onsite Deputation for Middle East , USA and other countries – Pinnacle provided an opportunity to production team members for learning and skill enhancement in Middle East, USA and European countries.

Opened Movie Club for team members – Pinnacle invited team members for watching the movie – Invictus (IMDB- 7.4) at 5th Floor Lounge Room – 7 PM on 11th November, 2016. The movie is all about how Mr. Nelson Mandela, in his FIRST term as the South African President, initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land and enlist the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Arranged Children Day Celebration at Durgapur Campus – Pinnacle celebrated Children’sDay at Durgapur campus on 14th of Nov. 16 from 4 PM to 6 PM at Party Hall. Pinnacle team members nominated the names of their children for:

Go as You Like where Children of 3 – 5 years of age came in Fancy Dress
Sit and Draw Competition for Children of 5 – 15 years for 30 minutes on the topic – Diwali
Arranging Alphabets & Words for small children of 3 to 5 years
Self Performance – Rhymes, Recitation, Solo Dance, Song, etc for children of 3 to 15 year
Attractive prizes were provided to all the children

Campus Recruitment Drive for B.E. & B. Tech Students of West Bengal

Pinnacle shortlisted 150 B. Tech Mechanical Students of B. C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur. These students after their final year exam would be provided necessary training. On successful completion they would be inducted.
Pinnacle will also conduct campus recruitment for JIS College in Kolkata for 600+ candidates with B. E. + B. Tech.

Research & Development – New Tools & Apps developed by Pinnacle
Revit: Converter – The tool helps to convert instance parameter to type parameter and type parameter to instance parameter. It is also used to delete project parameter, which is a shared parameter and reduce manual efforts to convert parameter type.

Revit: QC Tool – It is used to check and modify values of element instantly, reducing QC Check time of element values.

Revit Shuttering tool is used to calculate form work area of model and produce three reports including Summary, Details and Explanation. This reduces manual efforts to calculate form work area.

AutoCAD: Rounded Node with Linear Dimension – Using Autolisp, the user can provide Circle placement at Linear Dimension node point by default dimensioning as per project need.

AutoCAD: Moving all objects to Zero throughout Z coordination – Using Autolisp, the user can able to move all selected objects to zero throughout z coordination value (i.e.: Z elevation set as Zero).
Research & Development team developed Tips & Tricks for Betterment:

AutoCAD: Multiline Attributes in AutoCAD – The attribute definition and edit attributes dialog boxes have multiple lines text control. When the user selects multiple line texts, the default multiple line attribute editor will be activated instead of single line text editor. The multiple line attribute editor will be simplified version of the MTEXT editor enabling to enter text, adjust the width for text wrapping, insert fields, underline, etc. The user can access additional MTEXT editing options such as import text, Background color and more. After defining a multiple line attribute, an additional control in the attribute definition dialog box as well as in the enhanced attribute editor enables the boundary width.

Revit: Exporting or Creating Revit Elements into Separate File as a Revit link – This helps to create a Revit link file from the base file interface and to modify [add or remove any elements] the existing linked file in the base file itself.

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