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Pinnacle Infotech is constantly encouraging team members to grow and evolve as individuals. Fondly called Pinnaclelites – all employees of Pinnacle are actively participating in Corporate Activity every month, which in turn enhances the quantity and quality of output.

Let’s check out what’s in store for Mid December, 2016 -January, 2017:

Christmas-Tree Decoration Wing Contest – ‘Christmas tree decoration based on a theme’ was organized by Pinnacle within the campus for each wing on 23rd December, 2016. Pinnacle had BIM, MEP (South + North Wings), ACS (South + North Wings) & ACS/ESTIMATION/COE teams. Every employee of Pinnacle took active participation, decorated wings with significant theme based Christmas trees like waste paper management, demonetization, cashless India, passion & education and human rights. Peter D Rosario as Judge along with Mousumi Chatterjee (Corporate Communicator) went to each floor and evaluated the decorations. BIM was declared as the winner after careful observation – team’s hard work reflected on Christmas tree with a strong message that education will go together to help a person become the star of Pinnacle.


New Year Resolution Tree – New Year is a time when every individual wants to click the Fresh Button and tries to start afresh. Pinnacle gave opportunity to employees to come forward and convey New Year Resolutions in maple shaped paper leaves, tying Wishes to Trees within Pinnacle Campus. Pinnacle Kolkata office also took active participation in this regard. The tree will be a reminder for them to inspire every day and help to work on their resolutions. Employees will be addressed at the end of 2017 to find out whether they have achieved their resolutions or not and what they did for achieving.

Women’s Double Badminton Tournament at Pinnacle Durgapur Campus – Badminton is one of the most popular winter sports and Pinnaclelites are always passionate about playing this game. The Durgapur campus, abundant with greenery and spacious playground, nurtured the spirit of Badminton tournament on 22nd December 2016. Pinnacle organized Women’s Double Badminton tournament.

Research & Development – New Tools & Apps developed by Pinnacle in Revit


Paint BOQ – The tool reduces the manual efforts of extracting BOQ of Paint room wise.

Elevation Tag – The tool generates value of elevation into elements for using in tag and reduces manual efforts of calculating elevation.

Wall Sweep – The tool helps to generate report of selected wall sweep property & room property into excel format and reduces manual effort of extracting wall sweep report, room wise.

Sheet Revision – The tool reduces manual effort of arranging revisions into sheets.

Delete Imported category – The tool helps to delete imported category by cad from Visibility list and purges Revit document, which takes time to get removed manually.

Import Excel – The tool is used to import schedule to Revit interface and import external Excel data to Revit and update Revit models automatically with associated data


New Tools & Apps developed by Pinnacle in AutoCAD: Dimensioning on Fabrication Hanger entity – Using Autolisp, the user can provide base dimension between Fabrication CADMep hanger and selected grid/line

R&D team developed Tips & Tricks for Betterment:

Revit Customizing Double-Click Options – While double-clicking on elements, one can specify what he wants to do. For example, by default, double-clicking on a family, such as chair, column or plumbing fixture, the element gets opened in the Family Editor. In most cases, this is not required and editing the type makes it better for users. The Customized Double-click Setting dialog box helps in changing the setting. One should click ‘Options’ In Application Menu and then double click on customize in Option dialog box, in User Interface pane, in the Configure area. The user must select the method one wants to use for each type of element.

AutoCAD: Enabling Graphical Options in AutoCAD for Seamless 3D Graphics – Often in AutoCAD, the users are unable to view objects while working on AutoCAD versions like Fabrication CAD MEP, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D and more. A warning gets displayed stating setting graphical properties in AutoCAD. In order to execute command ‘3D Config’, one can click on ‘Manual Tune’ button to see red alerts, then click on ‘Enable hardware acceleration’ button to see red alerts going green & finally on click ‘Ok’. This helps users to see graphical issues in drawings getting resolved.

Linking Excel Data Flow in AutoCAD – Often in projects, the users need to incorporate schedules & excel data in AutoCAD. One shouldn’t copy Excel data but should smartly link it with the help of table command. The users must click on ‘OK’ to get excel embedded in AutoCAD – the saved data in excel gets reflected in AutoCAD table & vice versa.

New Research/Review conducted by Pinnacle: Autodesk: BIM 360 Field

BIM 360™ Field – A field management software for 2D & 3D environments, combines mobile technologies at construction site with cloud-based collaboration & reporting. BIM 360 Field helps to put critical information in the hands of those in the field, improving quality, safety & commissioning for construction and capital projects of all types.


Improving quality & reducing rework – Implementing enterprise-wise program with BIM 360 Field
Safety Promotion – Streamlining job site inspections, reducing injuries & safety risk by providing consistent, accurate & auditable procedures – field inspectors, safety directors & executives can proactively manage & educate teams about job site safety
Enhancing commissioning & handover process – Effectively streamline commissioning process by collecting equipment & component details in the field on iPad
Managing field workflow – BIM 360 Field provides a platform for field & management users
Enhancing workflows with BIM – Integration with BIM 360 Glue takes full advantage of project models in quality, safety & commissioning workflows
Managing field performance – BIM 360 Field provides a web-based reporting platform for all field management activities – turning field data into powerful information to manage quality, safety & minimize contractor risk within projects and company

3. Pinnacle Participated at 2017 World of Concrete Event held at Las Vegas Convention Center, US – Pinnacle invited Commercial Concrete & Masonry Construction Industry Professionals at 2017 – World of Concrete in Las Vegas, US! Pinnacle Infotech exhibited at this event for the 3rd time on January 17- 19 from 9:30 am -5:00 pm. Mr. Scott Pittman – Vice President (US Operations) with core construction background and Mr. Sarvesh Kekatpure – Senior Manager, Business Development & Operations & BIM Specialist with perfect understanding of Pinnacle’s clients & industry represented Pinnacle at this event.

WOC 2017

4. Pinnacle organized meditation session at Seminar Hall in Durgapur from 9-11 Jan, 2017 – Meditation reflects consciousness, where one gets the opportunity to look deep into inner self. The medication and relaxation workshop for 3 days from 8 am to 9 am aimed at stress bursting techniques at workplace.

5. Autodesk published Pinnacle Case Study – “Pinnacle Uses BIM For Smooth Completion of Rosslyn Central Place Project” – One of the significant projects of Pinnacle Infotech, Rosslyn Central Place is a mixed use development, located above Rosslyn Metro Station in Arlington County, Virginia, USA with a 636,000 sq ft. Residential Tower & 750,000 sq ft. Commercial Tower. It is perfectly positioned with an easy access to Washington’s Central Business District and Georgetown. Phased turnover to begin in early 2017, it will provide an inspiring dining and retail space with integrated clientele living and working upstairs.

6. Pinnacle Encouraged Team Members to run for Education – Pinnacle team members enrolled names for the upcoming Dartothon, which took place near Kumarmangalam Park, Durgapur Steel Township on 15th Jan, Sunday 2017. Registration KITs with T-shirts were given to the employees participating in the event. The purpose is to help children who need support for education. Cab was arranged for the employees who participated in the Dartothon. Certificates are awaited from the organizer for the employees who nominated themselves for the Dartothon.

7. Pinnacle organized Volleyball Tournament for a week at Durgapur campus –
Winners: Volleyball Victoria (Acs-1); Runners Up: Hawks (Mep2)

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