Pinnacle Infotech Corporate Activity – March, 2017

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Pinnacle Infotech Corporate Activity – March, 2017

Employees obtain the enthusiasm to accomplish and the strength to outshine by taking part in Pinnacle’s Corporate Activities each month. Let’s check out what’s in store for March, 2017:

  1. New Tools & Apps:
  2. Revit – Get Material

Functionality: The  Tool  gets  the  material  names  of  selected  category  elements  in  the  document  and adds information in a shared parameter of the object. If there are multiple Materials in an element, the materials get added to the parameter separated by comma (,).

Purpose: Generating Automated BOQ

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016

Steps to use: 

  • Step 1: Selecting categories for which materials need to be calculated
  • Step 2: Clicking run to get materials of each element in shared parameter

      Revit – Get Material

  1. AutoCAD: Arc Leader Creation  

 Functionality: The arrow head will provide standard block. Moreover, the body of the leader will be polyline as per SFO project. Arc leader will look good as per respective user’s smart design concept

Autolisp Name: ArcLdr.lsp

Command: ARL 

AutoCAD Arc Leader Creation

  1. Tips & Tricks for Betterment 

Navisworks: Manually link texture in Navisworks

Functionality:  Placing Custom images in C:\ drive and browsing image from the location, in order that when one submits file to client with images, there is no issue for material display of elements in Navisworks interface

Steps to create new material: 

  • Clicking Render tab -> System panel ->   Autodesk Rendering        
  • Clicking Create Material on Materials tab & select a material type
  • Clicking Information tab in Material Editor & enter a name & description of the material
  • Clicking Appearance tab & specify material color options
  • Specifying material properties, such as reflectivity, transparency, tint & so on
  1. Case Studies of Different Issues 

BIM 360 Glue – Total know how for user & admins

 Process & Methods: 

Typical issues behind the case study were mostly based on the following FAQ’s that let us create a complete step on a top to down approach to review Glue in the project  

  • If clients provide a Glue ID/assigns a Pinnacle ID in the Glue, can we directly access Glue?
  • Does a user need to create Autodesk account for using BIM 360 Glue?
  • Grid view & Model view in Glue & difference
  • Can the same Glue ID be accessed by different users?
  • Can you view Markups in Glue? 


  1. Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany visited Pinnacle Infotech
  • Olaf Iversen, German Consul General of Federal Republic of Germany, visited Pinnacle Infotech Solution’s Durgapur (BIM Campus) on 4th March, 2017. He was grateful with the outstanding hospitality extended by the whole Pinnacle team. He gained a lot of firsthand knowledge about BIM and enjoyed the cultural performance. He was pleased to see that the company forms a living community besides the important work carried out for customers. Check out more on Mr. Iversen’s visit to Pinnacle facilities.


  1. British Deputy High Commissioner Visited Pinnacle Infotech
  1. Eye Check-Up Camp @ Durgapur Campus

Pinnacle Infotech Solutions once again organized Eye-Check Up Camp for employees in the campus. Camp started from 15th of March and continued till 18th of March, 2017. Specific schedules were prepared for the employees, so that they can have their check-up at the old cafeteria of Pinnacle Infotech Durgapur Office.



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