August 2017 Corporate Activity at Pinnacle Infotech

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Employees get the fervor to accomplish by partaking in Corporate Activities.

Software Reviews

Measure Premier – Pinnacle reviewed Measure Premiere – industry-leading flooring estimation software that follows the workflow of the estimating process. Measure can estimate carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood flooring for projects of all sizes. The software is available in four desktop editions – Simple, Standard, Designer and Premier

  • Simple – Applicable for Sales Representatives, Smaller Flooring Dealers
  • Standard – Applicable for Flooring Dealers, Contractors, Estimators, Installers
  • Designer – Ideal for Design Centers, Design Professionals
  • Premier – Commerial Contractors, New Home & Multi-Home Contractors, Large Flooring Dealers

Software Features:

  • Drawing Layout
  • Defining & Assigning Materials
  • Adding Project Details
  • Calculating the Estimate
  • Viewing & Printing Report Results

Multiple Offset for AutoCADPinnacle team also reviewed AutoCAD Multiple Offset which is a plug-in for Autodesk® AutoCAD®. It adds more functionalities to the Offset command. While one is trying to offset an object multiple times with different distances, one has to re-invoke the offset command for each distance. Multiple Offset fills this gap by allowing the user to enter multiple distances before selecting 2D object(s). Originally developed using LISP, MOffset has been completely rewritten in .NET. It has been enhanced over the years and the key feature of this version is the integration with AutoCAD.

New Tools & Apps Development

Revit: Auto Cropview

  • Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
  • Overview/Description: Used to create Section box of Revit elements of a project file including linked elements
  • Features: This tool is used to create section box both in Host and Link file element
  • How to use?
  1. Click on “Auto Section” tool button
  2. Select one element from current view
  3. Window will appear for section boundary tolerance
  4. Finally desired section box will appear

Revit: Purge Unused View

  • Functionality: This tool is used to delete views which are not placed in sheet
  • Purpose: By using this tool one can easily identify views not placed in any sheet and can also delete those views.
  • How to use?
  1. Click on “Purge Unused Views ” option from the purge dropdown list
  2. View list will be displayed
  3. Select the views you want to delete
  4. Pressing delete button will ask for confirmation
  5. Selected views will get deleted if clicked on “Yes”

Revit: Link File 

  • Functionality: This tool is use to open Link file in Revit
  • Purpose: By using this tool users can directly open Link file from main project file. One can open Multiple file at once.
  • How to use?
  1. Click on “Link File” tool button
  2. Click on “Open in Revit” button  to open the selected link files in Revit one by one
  3. If link files are in unload mode, you can click on  button to  load all link files

Revit: Purge View Filter

  • Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017
  • Purpose: Used to delete multiple view filters in the current view at one click
  • Features: Reduces manual effort and manual mistakes & saves the number of clicks to delete multiple view filters
  • How to use?
  1. Open tool window from Purge View Filters option in the Purge Dropdown in Common panel of the Pinnacle Tab
  2. Select view filters that need to be deleted
  3. Click Purge Filters button on tool window to delete selected view filters

Revit: Fitting Length For Pipe/Duct/Conduit/Cable tray

  • Functionality: Used to calculate length of Pipe/Duct/Conduit/Cable Tray with fitting length
  • Purpose: This tool calculates All/Selected Pipe/Duct/Conduit/Cable Tray with fitting length  in a system
  • How to use?
  1. You need to click on “Fitting Length” tool button
  2. View the result in tabular form
  3. You can select multiple records and can recalculate
  4. Reset button will provide default result

AutoCAD: In-house Tools

AutoCAD In-house Tools

Compatible with: AutoCAD 2010, 2011 & 2013

Football League 2017 kicked off

Pinnacle Football League started in Durgapur campus on 29th August, 2017 at 4 pm. The opening match was organized between CEO team and Director Team. After a tough match between the two, the Director’s team could beat the CEO team with a score of 2-0. The Final was an exciting match to strike the right chord with the football aficionado in the Durgapur Campus. The day ended with esteemed guest, Mr. Naresh Goel and PHODs congratulating the winners and awarding prizes.



Contributed to Malda Flood Relief

 The devastating flood struck the Malda District of West Bengal recently, Pinnacle Infotech has promptly responded to the calamity and offered help to the flood affected victims. Pinnacle employees contribute generously towards the relief and rehabilitation activities by providing biscuits, water bottles, ORS, bread and Chudda with Jaggery to flood affected victims in the Kotwali and Baluchar Villages of Malda district.

Employees Celebrated Independence Day on 15th of August, 2017

In order to mark the celebration of 71st Independence Day, Pinnacle started with a floor decoration competition. Employees presented their ideas about independent India in a creative way. All apartment dwellers were present in front of the Reception Gate, Pinnacle Campus Durgapur sharp at 9.30 am to celebrate the occasion.

Newforma Enhancement

Pinnacle has streamlined BIM Project Operations with Newforma Software Implementation, saving time. Pinnacle has executed Newforma Adaptations across industry verticals with 975+ projects under Newforma platform. Newforma usage has helped Pinnacle team members to manage documents, RFIs and Transmittals.

Newforma Enhancement

  1. Centralized Project Information Management
  2. RFI, Submittal & Document Mangement
  3. Automatic Activity Transmittal Generation
  4. Auto Tracking for All Project Activities with Reports
  5. Reduction of Manual Errors, Risk Mitigation
  6. Contract, Change Order Risk Management
  7. Improved ROI & BIM Management
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