Corporate Activity – Pinnacle Infotech – September & October 2017

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New Tools & Apps Developed by Pinnacle

A. Revit: Co-ordinate

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Overview/Description: The tool captures element’s location & shows value in property browser

Features: The tool searches bottom & top location & co-ordinates each element of the selected category

How to Use:

  • Clicking on “Co-ordinate” tool button to get the window
  • Selecting Single/Multiple category and pressing the “Get Coordinate” button
  • After successful completion a window appears, where one selects an element and view the output

 B. Revit: Room Elements

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Overview/Description: Used to get the Room Name/Number in the parameter of each Revit element which is placed inside a room


  • To reduce manual effort of identifying the room name/number for every element by manually reviewing the plan views
  • The tool can also work with linked files

How to Use:

  • In the tool interface, select the categories of elements for which the room name/number needs to be found
  • Click on run

Output: The Room information gets populated as a parameter value in the properties of the individual elements.

C. Revit: Text Note Aligner

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Overview/Description:  Used to align text notes both in vertical and horizontal direction


3 Options for the Align Process:

  • By Item Select: In this option one can select multiple items and align them (Horizontally/Vertically) with respect to a single text note
  • Left: In this option all text notes are aligned (Horizontally/Vertically) with respect to the. Text note placed mostly in the left position
  • Right: In this option all text notes are aligned (Horizontally/Vertically) with respect to the text note placed in extreme right position

Output:  All text notes are aligned against a reference text note either horizontally or vertically.

D. Navisworks: Create Revit Schedule

Compatible with: Navisworks Manage 2016

Overview/Description: This tool is used to create schedules of Revit elements in Navisworks. Features:

  • The user can select the categories and the properties of the Revit elements for schedule and the tool exports the data into spreadsheet format (.xls)
  • The tool is very useful when the default quantification tool of Navisworks cannot capture certain properties of the elements

How to Use:

  • Click the tool icon in the Tool Add-ins tab of the Navisworks Manage to get the tool interface
  • Select the category and the properties to be included in the schedule
  • Click on ‘show’ to generate the data in the Schedule Panel in the tool interface
  • Click the Export to spreadsheet button to export the data into .xls file
  • xls file can then be saved to any other desired location

    E. AutoCAD: In-house Tools

AutoCAD In-house Tools


Tips & Tricks for Betterment

Revit: Jump-in any view with the help of View Reference Tool


  • Open any view from project Browser
  • Go to View Tab> Click on View Reference > Select required view where you want to go from open view
  • Place the View Reference Family
  • Double Click and go to your required view

Change your Structural View Direction by quick tips 

  • Open your Required Structural View
  • Go to View Edit Type Properties
  • Change the View Direction Up/Down as per requirement

Case Study: How to make Bill of Material including fitting Angle and
Connectors 1 & 2 from Fabrication CAD MEP?

Normally, the Fitting Angle and Connector 1 & 2 are not available during Bill of Material creation. The process is explained with snap representation.



US Consulate General Mr. Craig L. Hall Visited Pinnacle Head Office – US Embassy & Consulate General in Kolkata, India visited Pinnacle Infotech Durgapur on 24th of October, 2017, talking about new Indo-American relationship Read more

US Consulate General Mr. Craig L. Hall

Wing Commander Promoted to Global Head – HR & AdminWng. Commander S. Bisht has been promoted as Global head – HR and Admin of Pinnacle Infotech. He has been assiduously serving the company with exemplary leadership and performance.

Sports Day Celebrations – Sports Day was held on Saturday 16th September 2017 at Pinnacle Infotech, Durgapur Campus. A tug- of- war (Male & Female) among various departments added to the enjoyment. Read more

Sports day

Vishwakarma Puja celebration 2017 at Pinnacle Durgapur Campus – On the morning of 17th September, 2017, Pinnaclelites attended the Morning Prayer followed by the worship. The Engineers performed Puja of tools & vehicles. Read more

Vishwakarma Puja

Blood Donation Camp, Durgapur – On the day of Mahalaya, Pinnacle Infotech organized a blood donation campaign in cooperation with State Blood Transfusion Council, West Bengal. Read more

Navratri Event - Jaipur

Pinnacle Infotech Durga Puja Celebrations at Durgapur &Kolkata – Pinnacle celebrated the occasion with dhakis beating drums at office & employees decorating floors with Durga Puja theme. Read more

Durga Puja Kolkata

Navratri Celebration at Jaipur Office – Pinnacle celebrated Navratri through medical health awareness & blood donation camp accompanied by Dandiya night. Read more


Diwali Celebration at Pinnacle Infotech – Pinnacle employees celebrated Diwali through decorations of lights, sweet distribution & Puja offering, making it a spectacular occasion. Read more

kolkata office`



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