Corporate Activity – Pinnacle Infotech – November 2017

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Employees get the fervor to excel by partaking in Corporate Activities.

Pinnacle’s Global HR Head won a prestigious “Leadership Award”

Wing Commander Soban Bisht (Retd)Wing Commander Soban Bisht (Retd), Global Head HR & Administration received a prestigious ‘Leadership Award’ under ‘Professional Excellence in Employee Engagement & General Administration’ category by CE worldwide. This award was presented to him at the East Leadership Award Conference 2017 on 15th November (Wednesday) at Holiday Inn, Kolkata Airport, Rajarhat.

leadership award  leadership award

Children’s Day Celebration at Karandanga Adivasi Primary School

Children’s Day at Karandanga Adivasi Primary School was celebrated by Pinnacle team members in association with IWC Durgapur. Conducting the drawing competition enlivened artistic imagination and creativity, which the children showed with colors and masterstrokes. School bags, color pencil set as well as drawing books were distributed to all the tribal students of the school.


World Kindness Day Celebrated on 13th Nov. 2017

Mind Mapping Activity was conducted by Pinnacle Infotech at Karadanga Adivasi Primary School on 13 Nov 17, to celebrate World Kindness Day. This helped in constructing the thought processes such as remembering, problem solving as well as decision-making from childhood through adolescence to adulthood for the tribal unprivileged students of the school.

Pinnacle Infotech Participated at AU Nov 2017 Conference & Exhibition, Las Vegas

Autodesk University 2017 Exhibition went successful for Pinnacle Infotech. Speaking session on “Assembly Line Manufacturing for Construction Using BIM – Why, When and How” by Mr. Bimal Kumar Patwari, Pinnacle President and Mr. Scott Pitman, Pinnacle Vice President, US was well attended and well received by audience. The event was also good from learning perspective & networking opportunity with industry experts. Read more

Autodesk University Nov 2017

Newforma Project Center Management Software Version 11.9.2 implemented for BIM Production at Pinnacle Infotech

The new software implementation facilitated:

  • Mini Report Issuance in the document control submission mails
  • Publishing entire project activities as a released shareware document
  • Advance Integration of MS Outlook With Newforma
  • File Transfers From Outlook Using Newforma Outlook Add-Ins
  • More Control Over The Project List
  • Auto Publishing from Document Control
  • New “Document Controller” role in user Panel
  • Addition of Culture database in Newforma
  • Enhancement in Newforma CRM

Customized Processes of Newforma to meet Specific Requirement for MDP4 

Pinnacle Infotech customized different process of Newforma Software for meeting specific requirement of MDP4 Project. Benefits include:

  • Client Transmittal Customization through Newforma
  • Direct ROI Based on Auto-Generation of Client Transmittals, Record Documents & Reports
  • 3 Level Workflow Implementation for maintaining Shop Drawing, Model & other Submissions through Newforma with planning
  • RFI Management & Tracking as per client requirement
  • Change Management & Submittal Management Workflow through Newforma
  • Hours equation aligned to planning executed successfullyNew Research/Review done by Pinnacle Infotech:Revit: R AutoSaveEvery Autodesk® Revit® user faced a situation of emergency shutdown and loss of data at some point of time. However, nobody wants to lose the time and the work done. This has inspired Pinnacle Infotech to create the “R AutoSave” application – auto-save for Revit!Function – The main task of R AutoSave is to minimize the loss of data. Only one has to install R AutoSave and set the auto-save interval!


 Normal work: We often specify an interval of 5 minutes for auto-saving. This implies that R AutoSave will automatically save a project after every 5 minutes without any involvement from our end. We can still make a “manual” file saving as per requirement. The backup files created during the “manual” saving (files like “Project Name.001.rvt”) will be stored by default in the “Backup” folder in the project directory.

Closing file without saving:  If you want to close a file without saving the changes you have made, you can do it as usual. However you will find that changes (including all automatic saving) will not be saved, only standard “manual” save will be saved.

R AutoSave works with the following file types:

  • Project files (RVT)
  • Local copies of central file (RVT)
  • Revit Family (RFA)
  • Project Template Files (RTE)

Files “.AS$” and “.S$$”

  1. “.AS$” file is a copy of the file created at the time of auto save
  2. “.S$$” file is a copy of the file created at the time of opening the file or “manually” saving the file

Both of these files will allow you to perform auto-saving and closing without saving or restoring the file after an emergency shutdown.

How does it work?

  1. Specify an interval of 5 minutes auto-saving implying that “R AutoSave” will automatically save a project every 5 minutes (completely without participation)
  2. One can still make a “manual” file saving (the “Save” button) as per need
  3. The backup files created during the “manual” saving (files like “Project Name.001.rvt”) will be stored by default in the “Backup” folder in the project directory
  4. Now there will be an order in projects foldersNew Tools & Apps developed By Pinnacle Infotech:Navisworks: Clash Optimizer

Compatible with: Navisworks Manage 2016

Overview/Description: Used to reduce the number of clashes against a Clash Test by grouping similar clashes


  • Option to choose file
  • Option to choose Multiple Clash Test
  • Option to change tolerance for reducing clash numbers against a clash test
  • Option to ignore Reviewed/Approved clash
  • Option to optimize clash result against selected Clash test
  • Option to ungroup optimized clash result

 Output: Number of clashes against a Clash Test will reduce. Moreover all clash tests will get sorted from higher to lower against the number of clashes.

Revit: Smart Cut

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Overview/Description: Used to place void opening on ACS Elements with or without sleeve for every MEP service or Generic Model that cuts through and though the ACS Elements


  • Option to choose file
  • Automatically checks for clashes of ACS elements vs. MEP services
  • Automatically identifies the type of cut (round or rectangular)
  • Automatically includes the mapped MEP properties in the cut family for instance quantity extraction
  • Sleeves can be included within the cut family
  • Works with linked files – ACS elements where the cuts are to be placed should be in the main file
  • Works with selected elements of the Main file tooAutoCAD: In-house Tools
Sl. No. Add-ins Name Function Command
1 Attribute synchronization ·         Attribute synchronization as selected Attribute blocks in Batch

·         Multiple Attribute synchronized by a single selection method

2 Viewport Offset ·         All Viewport stated with offset as user define value with the same scale as in required Layout

·         User can select the layouts from a list and can change the boundary as an offset for better visualization of the Viewport




Sl. No. Add-ins Name Related Snap Sl. No. Add-ins Name Related Snap
1 Attribute synchronization 2 Viewport Offset

Tips & Tricks for Betterment was developed by Pinnacle’s Research & Development Team

Fabrication CADMep: ARX load as Default from AutoCAD

Normally, the user can start working with fabrication after loading the related ARX by executing the command “ARX => Load =>” and can then choose the related ARX and open. If the users already have Fabrication desktop icon, they can open directly by double clicking on it.

Now, there is another tricky way to open the last use fabrication by the user:

Just execute the command ‘TAKEOFF’ after opening the normal AutoCAD. The user can then get the option to open the Fabrication interface after selecting the required configuration.

Revit: Don’t move the project base point unclipped (z-dir) – footing and floor elevations break

The elevation values are based on the project internal coordinates, which initially match the project coordinates (project base point).  This implies that if the project internal coordinates do not match the desired elevation values for the project, then the values will be wrong.  The mismatch can occur for a number of reasons – for instance the project base point moved unclipped, or the displayed elevations are the elevations based on the survey point (shared coordinates).

Rules set to avoid the mismatch:

  • Use project coordinates for all displayed elevations – levels, spot elevations
  • Place the project base point such that the displayed elevations are as per requirement
  • Never move the project base point unclipped
  • Communicate issue with clients/other project participants and coordinate a solution if a problem arises. This could mean that the shared coordinates should be utilized more often, or that the project base points may not match between disciplinesCase Studies of Different IssuesAutoCAD Invoking hidden palettes

Briefing: Normally, this production case study solution helps to bring all palettes to visibility state if they get hidden due to any subroutine of custom settings.

A solution equation provided for restoring a hidden property panel:

Solution Equation:


  1. Execute the command CUI or go to Work space switching area
  2. Select the current work space
  3. Change the Appearance of the Properties from Customize Workspace [under Workspace contents] Palettes => Properties
  4. Change the Show as YESAutodesk Cloud Based Application

BIM 360 Layout Advance Tips & Workflow Tricks

Purpose: This section brings different categories of BIM 360 cloud work management transformations. The Layout Distance tool is an incredibly powerful way to measure between model points, real world to real world locations and model point to real world locations.

Method: One has to select the Ruler/Measure Button at the bottom of the Screen and hit the Layout Distance Icon (robot with ruler). Once this is activated, one can either select points or lock to a prism or shoot prismless to a location.





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