Corporate Activity – Pinnacle Infotech – December 2017

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Employees get the zeal to excel by taking part in Corporate Activities.

New Research & Review Conducted by Pinnacle

  1. Revit: Paramnesia

Pinnacle researched on Revit Paramnesia program, which helps Autodesk Revit users and managers to proofread their BIM parameters. Revit models contain thousands of parameters, names and families. The tool can check all parameters against a master file controlled by user. If a parameter does not comply with master “nomenclature file,” the program prints a schedule to review and modify.

Process of Using Paramnesia:

  1. Click on the “Model Checker” or “View Checker” buttons, which will search the model for all parameters
  2. Filter which parameter name(s) you want to check
  3. Select the checkboxes to the left of the parameter names you want
  4. Click “Report,” which will check all parameters and make schedules determining compliance
  5. Click on the 0001d-Schedules to review your results
  6. It’s good if everything is compliant. However, if something is not compliant, update your model accordingly, or append to the Paramnesia dictionary to expand the database

Paramnesia produces new schedules of parameter “compliance.” Non-compliance is reported in 3D & schedules.

New Tools & Apps Developed by Pinnacle

  1. AutoCAD: Block to Drawing file

 Compatible with AutoCAD 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017


  • Selected Blocks will be exported as an individual dwg file with the same name of the individual block name. The created file will be saved at same location with a folder of the current drawing file name to easily identify the source drawing name of newly created drawing files. The folder will be open just once the operation has been executed

 Process of Use:

  1. Execute the command “BLK2DWG”
  2. Follow the instruction coming in Command line in the current interface of AutoCAD
  3. Fabrication CADmep: Size & Elevation as Mtext

Compatible with Fabrication CADmep 2017


  • Bottom of elevation and size will be provided as Mtext at the middle of the selected item [fitting and accessory not allowed] for Rectangular Duct, Pipe work, Electrical and Drainage

 Process of Use:

  1. Execute the command “SZELVM
  2. Follow the instruction coming in Command line in the interface of Fabrication CADmep-2017
  • Revit: Delete Family Parameters

Compatible with Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017


  • Used to delete family parameters from family files, including nested families and creates a tree view report of the same


  • Option to choose file to reduce manual effort of drilling down inside the hierarchy of nested families to search for family parameters
  • The tool also lists the family parameters and the nested families in a tree view and creates a report for the same

      Process of Use:

The tool interface displays the family hierarchy with their family parameters in a tree view on the left hand side and a list of the distinct parameter names in a list box on the right side.

  1. Type a few characters of the parameter to be deleted in the text box and the tool will highlight the family parameters in the tree view
  2. Click on Delete Selected button to delete selected parameters from the hierarchy
  3. Click to refresh the tree view or to export the nested families
  4. Switch to include nested families during operation
  5. Switch to export the nested families when they Get Details/Exp     button is clicked

       Output: The selected parameters get deleted and a report gets generated in an .html file in a

folder with the same name of the main family in the family document.

  1. Revit: Column Length

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Overview/Description: Used to calculate length of column in Revit


  • Applied for Architectural/Structural column
  • Applied for Straight/Slanted column
  • Operate on selected/total element
  • Calculated length display against property value

Tips & Tricks for Betterment

  1. AutoCAD: NCOPY
  • Copies line work or objects from a nested object into your current drawing
  • Useful for bringing XREF line work into current drawings

Process of Use:

  1. Open the embedded XREF
  2. Execute command “NCOPY”
  3. Select line work or objects from XREF to active drawing
  4. Now exit from XREF to active drawing
  5. You will see objects from XREF has been copied in active drawing
  6. Revit: Placing an Un-placed Room

Users can place room in another location of the building model.

  1. Open a plan view where the users want to place the room
  2. Click Architecture tab > Room & Area panel > Room
  3. On the Option Bar, for Room, select the desired room from the list
  4. In the drawing area, click to place the selected room in the desired location
  5. Room schedule update automatically to reflect the new location of the room

After creating rooms, you can remove rooms from a building model temporarily or permanently.

  • Un-place: Removes the room from its location in building model, but the project still contains information about the room. You can then place the room in another location later during a project redesign.
  • Delete: Completely removes the room (including all information about the room) from the project

Case Studies of Different Issues

  1. AutoCAD: Xref – Difference between Bind & Insert

Often, the users work with xref [external reference] file, which is used for getting the reference [coordination, design, etc.] from the current AutoCAD interface for further work. Sometimes, the users have to send final product as combined drawing file. If the xref file location does not match at the receiver system, it will be open with an error message.

Hence, the users have to send to clients after making xref file as a normal entity in which the objects will be stated as normal objects of AutoCAD.

Right click on ‘Xref’ file from External References Palette & Choose the Bind => Choose Bind/Insert option from Bind Xrefs/DGN underlay’s pop-up

So, which option is more perfect for binding an xref dwg file?

Bind: Choosing the bind option, the user can make identical objects with the prefix of the source drawing file name and $$.

  1. The bind option will convert objects from the xref into a block reference and the named object definitions are added to the current drawing with a prefix of block name by $$
  2. Text style name will be added to the prefix of the actual style name
  3. Layer name will be added to the prefix of the actual layer name
  4. The Line type name will be added to the prefix of the actual layer name

These options can be a help for the further work on the specific objects extracted from another drawing file through xref. The objects can easily be found out on the basis of the prefix of the same [layer, text style, linetype, blockname etc.].


Choosing an insert option from the bind of xref file is an easy process of making all objects, having the same layer and same line-type as extracted as current layer properties. So, it becomes a normal copy and paste activity from the source drawing file of the xref.

Christmas Celebration at Pinnacle Infotech

Employees celebrated Christmas in great style at Pinnacle offices. In Durgapur, people clicked photos at selfie corner with Santa. Christmas Floor Decoration Competition was also organized, decorating each floor with a social message. In Kolkata, employees also had a great time celebrating Christmas, decorating offices with bright colors. In Jaipur, Pinnaclites adorned the Christmas tree & Santa Claus dressed in red & white clothes, distributed candies to all.

Jaipur Team Won Box Cricket League

Pinnacle Infotech won Box Cricket League organized by Mahindra World City, Jaipur. Final match was played between Pinnacle’s Jaipur Team & Girnar Soft.  Pinnacle played well and chased the target of 37 runs in 4.3 overs. Mr. Subhash Yadav was awarded the Man of the Match for swashbuckling playing.

Volleyball Season’17 Tournament at Durgapur Campus

Volleyball Season’17 Tournament was played from 27th Nov. 2017 to 15th Dec. 2017 at Durgapur campus. Volleyball enthusiasts witnessed invigorating match unfolding this season. 8 teams participated and all players showed determination. The final match was played between Smashers (MEP-1) and Volleyball Victoria (ACS-1). After a tough fight, Smashers cruised to victory. Pinnacle CEO distributed prizes to the winners at the end of the tournament and motivated players to keep up team spirit.

STPI Export Awards 2016-17 Won by Pinnacle Infotech

Pinnacle Infotech received export awards from STPI (Govt. of India) for excellent performance. Pinnacle Vice President – Mr. Biswaroop Todi and Kolkata team collected the award at ITC Sonar Bangla on 7th of December, 2017.

Pinnacle’s Participation at INFOCOM 2017 Calcutta

Pinnacle Infotech was a proud presenter at the 16th INFOCOM 2017 Calcutta from December 7-9 at ITC Sonar, Salt Lake. The annual flagship event comprised of a 3 day conference, bringing together the best minds in Technology, Business Strategy and Leadership. INFOCOM 2017 witnessed deliberations and debates from leaders with respect to real time cases of digital transformation. Pinnacle CEO, Mr. Bimal Kumar Patwari was one of the star speakers of this event on a special conference track on Entrepreneurship with focus on SMEs and Startups at the Conference, deliberating on the various aspects of building a robust Entrepreneurship ecosystem in India that can help to leap into the next growth phase. His valuable insights inspired young leaders and budding entrepreneurs participating at INFOCOM. The duration of his address was around 15 mins on Saturday, 9th December from 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm on the Topic: Transforming India through Entrepreneurship.

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