Corporate Activity – Pinnacle Infotech – Feb & March, 2018

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Employees get the zeal to excel by taking part in Corporate Activities every month.

Beginner’s Roadmap

  1. Comment Incorporation in Microsoft Visio


  • Issue: How to incorporate comments in Microsoft Visio to produce VSD drawings?
  • Solutions:
  1. Before adding comments to a Visio file the objects should be Visio compatible
  2. Updating object properties in Visio
  3. Converting the updates using Adobe PDF menu options in Visio. (You need an Adobe Pro for this feature)


New Tools & Apps Developed by Pinnacle


  1. Revit: Intersected Element I

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017


  • Used to get the Id of the element whose geometry intersects the geometry of the selected element

Features: Reduces working time of finding out the connected elements, not traceable by default in Revit

Process of Use

  • Selecting the elements for which the intersected element’s Id is to be found
  • Running the Tool Intersected Elements found in Pinnacle tab->Common panel
  • Selecting the categories from the list with which the selected elements’ intersection needs to be calculated
  • Clicking on the start button to run the tool
  • Output


  1. Revit: Typical Floor Copier

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Overview/Description: Used to reduce manual effort of preparing typical floor

  • The tool generates a report after completion of the copy process which describes the status of the elements being copied.
  • The tool can copy any category of elements including solid and 2d elements. However some elements that were not created according to the assumed standards might not get copied and the status of the same can be found in the report.
  • Effort should be taken to modify the elements (that were not copied) accordingly and then use the tool to copy them. Copying the items manually can also be applied in an intelligent and tricky process.
  • AutoCAD: Annotation Manager

Compatible with: AutoCAD 2014 to 2018

The annotation manager Add-In is a package of annotation modification [Working on: Selected Text, Mtext, Mleader, Attribute block] providing Mtext, Multileader, Attribute. The purpose is to help users on multiple situations during annotation activity. The user can continue with the last updated summary as in the Start Value and Increment field for further usage, even though the same file re-opens.

Case Study – Text Orientation Changes while converting Fabrication Text to AutoCAD text by EXPLODETEXT

  • Issue: Fabrication CADmep Text gets converted by executing command “EXPLODETEXT”. The text of the selected item changes its  actual orientation.
  • Cause: Whenever, the Model space gets splited into two or more views [One is Plan and another Isometric view] the situation is not understood by the Sometimes the Fabrication needs to close and re-open to get the actual result.
  • Solution: The model space needs to be made as one view. All Default Alignment needs to be changed to VIEW before executing EXPLODETEXT command.

BIM Projects won by Pinnacle in last 2 months

Building Type Location Client Type
Commercial USA MEP Sub-Contractor
Mixed Use Arizona, USA MEP Sub-Contractor
Hospital Muscat, Oman, Qatar General Contractor
Mixed Use Scottsdale, Arizona MEP Sub-Contractor
Mixed Use Washington, District of Columbia MEP Sub-Contractor
Education Tempe, Arizona MEP Sub-Contractor
Education Orlando, Florida MEP Sub-Contractor


Pinnacle Infotech Published 2 BIM Case Studies

  • Student Accommodation Building in Bath, UK –Revit & 3DS Max used for BIM Read more
  • Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort, USA – Pinnacle implemented Autodesk Building Suite for BIM of Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort –Read more

Pinnacle Organized BIM & Digital Construction Forum 2018 – London & Manchester, UK

The exclusive event was organized by Pinnacle Infotech in collaboration with Autodesk. All construction professionals including Architects, Consultants & Contractors were invited to the BIM & Digital Construction Forum to get an insight into emerging trends and best practices followed by companies around the Globe. There were interactive session, where industry experts from Autodesk and leading construction companies shared their knowledge about key trends in digital construction driving the change in the UK construction industry.  Read more

Date & Time:

  • Tuesday, 20th March, 2018 – London (8:45- 17:00 GMT)
  • Thursday, 22nd March, 2018 – Manchester (8:45 – 17:00 GMT)


  • Venues, St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD
  • The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3WS

Reward & Recognition Program

Reward & Recognition program along with Musical Nite was organized by Pinnacle Infotech at Durgapur on 17th Feb, 2018. The winners in different categories were honored by Mr. Bimal Patwari (CEO), Mrs. Sapna Patwari (Director), Mr. Biswaroop Todi (Vice President of Global Operations) & Mr. Wg Cdr. Soban Singh Bisht (Global Head of HR & Admin). The magnificent evening was enjoyed by all Pinnacle employees.

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