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The BIM & Digital Construction Forum 2018 had presented as an opportunity for the people from the various sectors of Construction Industry in UK, to come together and participate in a forum, intended to take a fresh look at BIM with its present potential and future possibilities.

This also gave us an opportunity to take a glance at the current status of acceptance of BIM by the UK Industry.

Demography of the participants*:

Demography of the participants

Q1: Does the BIM & Digital Construction Forum met your expectations?

The Event has met expectations

Firstly, the questionnaire included the question about their vital feedback on the forum they participated in, which being our pleasure to host, was highly positive.

Q2: Can we conclude that Year 2019 will be driven by BIM?

Year 2019 will be driven by BIM

When this question is being asked to the professionals, the majority of them did agree that BIM will be leading the way for the industry in the upcoming years.

Q3: Do we agree that implementation of BIM can reduce the cost of a project?

implementation of BIM

The attendees were in almost unison about this, that they believe the implementation of BIM surely does reduce the cost of execution of projects.

Q4: In your opinion, does the cost of implementation of BIM may outweigh its financial gains?

BIM may outweigh

We received a mixed reaction from the participants for this question, from which we may infer, that there may not have been sufficient awareness about the potential of BIM, and what we can achieve from it.

Q5: Also, have you ever experienced or anticipated loss of productivity due to implementation of BIM?

 Experienced anticipated loss of productivity

However, most have agreed that implementation of BIM does help in increasing productivity of their work.

Q6: As per your experience, are clients inclined to avoid BIM?

clients inclined to avoid BIM

According to the participants, the attitude of clients, in regards of adoption of BIM for projects, is mostly positive.

Q7: Do you think people are afraid of outsourcing BIM?

outsourcing BIM

As it stands true for any new technology, the reliance only grows after they succeed in generating desired and repeatable results. This conclusion can be drawn for service providers as well.

Mostly positive opinion for this statement makes us realise that a healthy collaborative environment of work does exist within the industry.

Q8: Do you agree that BIM & Digital Construction Forum should be held more frequently?

 BIM Forums should be held more frequently

And to conclude, we could all agree that BIM & Digital Construction Forum does need to be held at more frequent intervals.

*The information is collected from feedbacks provided by more than 50 participants of the BIM & Digital Construction Forum 2018 held at London and Manchester. This report also includes results from a post-event survey conducted online among the participants of the event.

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