Reinforcing Team Spirit at Reward & Recognition Program

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R&R 2018

Pinnacle believes in recognizing the talent that employees bring to workplace. The company recognizes the inner creativity of the employees in every quarter. Likewise, this year in April to June Quarter, Pinnacle management organized a delightful Reward & Recognition Program at Durgapur & Jaipur campus. Dance, drama and music added to the grace of the occasion.

Reasons for the Celebration

  • The event acknowledged the best efforts and commendable performance of Pinnacle employees, hailing from different departments

Chief Guest at Durgapur Campus

  • Shashank Sethi, District Magistrate of Paschim Bardhaman

Prize Distribution to Winners

Mr. Shashank Sethi, District Magistrate of Paschim Bardhaman and Vice President of Pinnacle Infotech, Mr. Biswaroop Todi presented prizes to the winners of different categories to appreciate their exceptional contribution at Durgapur and Jaipur Offices.

RNR Winners in Various Categories

  • Innovation – This award recognizes innovative thinking. Pinnacle honored the employees or teams coming up with the most innovative idea. The innovative solution helped in cost saving, time saving, quality improvement and creating long term impact.
  • Sujan Chatterjee & Team
  • Ananya Ghosh
  • Kuntal Manna
  • Training & Development – This award aims at imparting the best training, which laid an impact on the quality, process or productivity at work.
  • Arijit Ghosh
  • Siddalingeshwar R.S
  • Abhijit Ghosh
  • Leadership Excellence – Pinnacle dedicated this award to the individual employee, recognizing outstanding leadership. This presented a role model for the employees through cross functional collaboration, resulting in improved organizational productivity.
  • Seema Kumari
  • Sourav Banerjee
  • Arijit Sen
  • Young Professional – Pinnacle Infotech dedicated this award to the employees who joined in the last 2 years and added value through innovative and extra-ordinary contribution. The employees gave full efforts in extracurricular activities and voluntary participation in CSR activities
  • Gourab Chakraborty
  • Susumita Roy
  • Amit Kumar
  • Chaitri GH Choudhuri
  • Chaudhary Arif Ahamed
  • Karan Kumar Gupta
  • Client Choice – This award is for the employees or the teams who received the best client feedback.
  • Subhranil Chatterjee & Team
  • Sangram Khan
  • Matindra Bera & Team
  • On-Site Deputation – This is for the employee who has successfully completed the allotted assignment with constant innovative and extra ordinary contribution.
  • Gouranga Kundu
  • Bapi Jena
  • Extra-Curricular Activity – This has honored employees who participated and won maximum awards in various competitions and programs and get maximum scores in “Full of Life” activity. This aims to recognize and reward the employees who understand the value of extracurricular activities. The impact is to create the work life balance.
  • Sunny Kumar Doshi
  • Anik Das
  • Dalia Ghosh
  • Gems

  • Sayantan Roy
  • Pingal Mukherjee
  • Ambar Chakraborty
  • Sarit Mukherjee
  • Vikash Tripathi
  • Biswanath Dutta
  • Dibyendu Panigrahi
  • Prasanta Mandal
  • Surojit Mondal
  • Sourabh Das
  • Rahul Dey
  • Nagar Sikdar
  • Jagannath Dalapati
  • Sujan Bandhu Dey
  • Bappa Charan Ghosh
  • Anirban Dhali
  • Nitesh Kumar Jha
  • Mrinmoy Majhi
  • Saikat Sarkar
  • Samit Ghosh
  • Sudip Chatterjee
  • Sushanta Manna
  • Pradip Kumar Biswas
  • Subhojit Ganguly
  • Jui Sen Gupta
  • Deepak Paul
  • Subrata Das
  • Chaitri Ghosh Hazra
  • Manas Mondal
  • Pradip Kumar Biswas
  • Ankita Chowdhury
  • Ranjit Prasad
  • Indranil Bhadra
  • Arnab Agasthi
  • Samir Dey
  • Green Award

 Ranjit Dhara

  • Best Support Staff

    Sasti Ruidas

  • Real Time Award

 Koushik Biswas

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