Corporate Activity – Pinnacle Infotech – June & July, 2018

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Employees get the zeal to excel by partaking in Corporate Activity.

New Reviews
LOD Planner – LOD Planner is an online visual LEAN based application with an inbuilt capability of standardized LOD libraries, scopes and templates. This helps in defining a planner with added or assigned scopes & milestones, providing a visual LEAN card to be dragged as per workflows. The workflows are visual cards yet calculated in accordance to the percentage of backlog.

 Use of LEAN Construction Technology:

  • Design production systems/application
  • Minimize waste of materials, time, and effort
  • Generate the maximum possible amount of value

            Top Benefits:

  • Collaborative BIM execution planning with clients commenting is easy
  • Inbuilt LOD libraries for LOD US AIA Standard, British LOD/LOI Stages, LOD US BIM Forum & LOD standard scale help to select & create document quickly
  • Adding Scope Definition from Libraries is also supported by the application
  • Quickly create scopes as per library
  • Users can easily update the scopes
  • Application creates automatic reports of all stages performed & shared to the parties

2. Revit – Line Cleaner – Quickly Purges Duplicate & Convert – The tool saves time while importing CADs by finding and removing those overlapping lines packing up your models.

 3.AutoCAD – BLi Tools – The tool inserts blocks in interval distances on the selected items. BLi is a good replacement of Linetypes, allowing the user to insert any custom CAD blocks into any CAD lines, Polylines, Splines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipse and Rectangles. This tool is also used to provide blocks as per user needs such as flow arrow, hangers and more. The block should be provided based on supported AutoCAD entity like measure/divide function.


 BLi allows the user to customize several options such as:

  • Distance between Interval Blocks
  • Rotation following Line Direction, Invert, Rotation or Specific Angle
  • Multicolored Blocks
  • Dynamic Block Insertion
  • Scale

New Tools Implemented – Revit & AutoCAD

1. Revit: Find/Replace Dimension text

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017


  • Reduces manual effort in custom annotation jobs
  • Allows users to find and replace any dimension text like Revit’s default find/replace tool for Text Notes

2.Revit: Color Splasher

Compatible with: Revit 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017


  • Reduces manual effort and manual mistakes
  • Provides the luxury of automation for highlighting elements with distinct combination of property values with distinct colors

3.Revit: QR Code Generator

Compatible with: Revit 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018


  • Creates Quick Response (QR) code against a selected parameter
  • Generated QR code assigned to Image property

4.Navisworks: Create Revit Schedule

Compatible with: Navisworks Manage 2016 & 2017


  • Used to create schedules of Revit elements in Navisworks
  • Useful when default quantification tool of Navisworks cannot capture certain properties of the elements
  • Export quantification/schedules from multiple files without the need to open them manually in Navisworks Manage 2017

5. Navisworks: Services below Ceiling

Compatible with: Navisworks Manage 2016


  • Identifies the MEP services running below ceiling, operating on Revit export .NWC or .NWD files
  • Automatically creates selection sets of MEP services running below ceiling with the Ceiling Element ID (of Revit) as the set name

 6.AutoCAD: CAD Block Manager

Compatible with: AutoCAD 2013

Overview/Description: Pinnacle CAD Block manager is supposed to collect the stored blocks from a valid drawing file and path. Actually, the blocks are collected based on daily use. The blocks do not make with the standard dimension, whereas the design may match with the reference input.

 Pinnacle’s Participation at Various Events

1.AIA Conference 2018, New York City

Pinnacle participated at AIA (American Institute of Architects) Conference, New York City on June 21-22, 2018. The two-day Architecture Expo featured leading brands and building product manufacturers. Jon McClure, BIM Manager (USA), Sarvesh Kekatpure, Senior Manager (USA) and Vikash Tripathy, Architect, BIM Manager (India) represented the company at this event. Read more


2.AU London 2018 Conference & Exhibition

Pinnacle participated at the Autodesk University London 2018 on 19-20 June, meant for those who design and construct the world and also for the ones who aspire to know about the same.  Professionals from design, architecture, manufacturing and media joined the event to experience learning and in-depth skill development. Pinnacle Representatives at the Event were Mathew Gomes, Regional Director, UK, Anirban Saha – Project Manager, Mainak Dey – ACS BIM Manager and Pat Saha – Business Manager, UK. Read more

Pinnacle Participated in Various Awards

1.NASSCOM Customer Excellence Award 2018


  • Application of technology to provide enhanced services or modernization – Leveraging Laser Scanning Point Cloud BIM Technology (Virtual Reality) to provide Enhanced Customer Service
  • Return of Investment from Customer Services/ Business Outcomes (Improved Revenue, Productivity, efficiency, cost) – Leveraging BIM Virtual Reality for Building Design & Construction of 7th Global IT Delivery Center of Pinnacle Infotech, Mahindra City, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


2.NASSCOM Emerge 50 Gateway to Glory

 Nominated Product – Laser Scanning Point Cloud to Bim

BIM Point Cloud helped Pinnacle in producing accurate 3d model of individual trades for renovation and extension from scan data, allowing more reliability & quality assurance. During renovation, Construction Scan to BIM Model provided a better platform for preparing further detail of design work. There is improved transparency and streamlined communication with 3D visualization for quick decision making. RFIs, work stoppage & rework can be eliminated by checking the accuracy and completeness of 3D Model from scan data, saving time & money for Pinnacle’s clients.

 3.AEC Excellence Award

Pinnacle also participated in the AEC Excellence Award, exemplifying AEC innovation with the use of Autodesk software. Pinnacle showed how the world-class production center is created in Jaipur, India on 2.415 acres with the help of Autodesk Software to bring LEED V4 certified Sustainable Design to Construction. The company showed how BIM facilitated aesthetic change, reflecting architectural heritage. Unique Features used included Modular & Flexible Sitting Arrangement, Solar Panel Installation (Energy Solution), Vibrant Climate and Rain Water Harvesting solution.


4.BIM Initiative of the Year, UK, 2018

Furthermore, Pinnacle participated in the BIM Initiative of the Year, 2018 in UK. The company showcased how ‘SCAN to BIM to BUILD innovation’ combined 3D laser scanning and laser tracking technologies with BIM. The new process allowed the technicians to effectively take the installation context into account while preparing for projects (HVAC, plumbing, special fluids etc.) from construction plans to the final assembly stage, saving 40% – 90% time.

5.Tekla BIM Award

Moreover, Pinnacle took part in the “Tekla BIM Award” for the Project “Essex on the Park”, located in Adrian, South Michigan Avenue, United States.  The company exemplified how Tekla BIM helped to streamline BIM Project Operation for this project, facilitating Document Management & Project Information Management.

Reward & Recognition (R & R) Reinforced Pinnacle Team Spirit

Pinnacle reinforced Team Spirit at R&R Program (April to June Quarter) on 7th July, 2018, recognizing the talent that employees bring to workplace. Mr. Shashank Sethi, District Magistrate, Paschim Bardhaman and Mr. Biswaroop Todi, Vice President, Pinnacle Infotech, presented prizes to the winners of different categories to appreciate their exceptional contribution at Durgapur and Jaipur Offices respectively. Read more

PPL League

Premier Cricket League is organized by Pinnacle Infotech at Durgapur Campus to motivate employees discover their passion for cricket. Starting from committee formation, auction of good players to celebrate the final, Pinnacle Employees enjoyed every match with joy and enthusiasm. Read more


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