Sargam Added Zest to Pinnacle’s Reward & Recognition Ceremony

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“Sargam” the name itself represents a cultural essence to an event. This has led Pinnacle Infotech to celebrate our cultural evening and Reward & Recognition on 29th September 2018.

The event started with enthusiasm & support of every Pinnaclite with dance, drama and music. The planning and execution represented the teamwork of Pinnacle with a gratitude shown towards the performers who managed time to deliver such a remarkable performance on stage after office hours.

Reward & Recognition ceremony felicitated the winners under different categories including Innovation, Leadership, Young Professionals, Adding Feather in the Cap, Client Choice, Training & Development Award, On-Site Deputation Excellence, Extra-Curricular Activity, Real Time Star Performers and Full of Life . A wonderful stage decoration with flowers and pots bestowed a festive touch to the event.

Pinnacle Infotech Sargam 2018
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