Pinnacle Infotech @ AU 2018 Nov Event Las Vegas

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Pinnacle Infotech will participate at Autodesk University 2018, November at Las Vegas. Construction professionals are cordially invited at the event to access all keynotes, sessions and networking opportunities. So, extend your experience by kicking off your week with our BIM Specialists on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at AU.

Date & Time: November 13-15, 2018

Venue: The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, US

Booth: A333

Pinnacle Representatives at AU

  1. Bimal Patwari, Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle Infotech Inc.
  2. Scott Pittman, VP of U.S Operations, Pinnacle Infotech Inc
  3. Biswaroop Todi, Global Vice President, Pinnacle Infotech
  4. Sapna Patwari, Director, India
  5. Lindsey Spears, Manager, BIM Services, Pinnacle Infotech, USA

Pinnacle Speakers at AU

  1. Bimal Patwari, President, Pinnacle Infotech Inc.
  2. Scott Pittman, VP of U.S Operations, Pinnacle Infotech Inc
  3. Biswaroop Todi, Vice President, Pinnacle Infotech

Session will Present: FAB227436 – Integrated BIM Workflows in Modular Prefabricated Construction: Concept to Fabricate

Brief on Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Prefabrication and modular construction have become significant in building design and construction management. BIM combined with fabrication has enabled integrated architecture and engineering workflows that can embrace these technologies. In industrialized production, the digital model becomes the product. For architecture and engineering professionals, drawing sets rely on symbology and design intent, not on specifics of construction and fabrication.

What will the Class Present?

The class will present best practices and procedures for modular off-site fabrication. Focused workflows will be demonstrated using the architectural design and documentation capacity of Autodesk software. The digitally fabricated model produced by Inventor software directly informs the architectural design and computer numerical control (CNC) components.

Session Length – 1 Hour

Date & Time of Speaking Session: Wednesday, Nov 14, 8:00 AM – 09:00 AM

Other Speakers besides Pinnacle in the 60 Minutes Panel

  1. Ryan Fintel, Construction Manager, Florida, United States
  2. Patrick G. Moran, Director of Virtual Design & Construction (BIM), John W. Danforth Co.
  3. Robert Wright, VDC Designer, TD Industries
  4. Steve Whitmer, CA, ACCO Engineered Systems

Brief on Pinnacle’s Speakers Profile

  1. Bimal Patwari, President, Pinnacle Infotech Inc.

Bimal Patwari is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) activist who has led BIM implementation in more than 5,000 projects across 36 countries. Recognized and awarded for his contribution to BIM technology, Patwari has worked extensively with architects, engineers, contractors, and government agencies.

He is recognized for his visionary contribution to the innovative use of advanced BIM technology to improve efficiency, provide fast turnaround and reduce costs for the construction industry. He has widely traveled and spoke at various international conferences like Autodesk University – India & USA, ASHRAE- USA, RTC- USA, Universities like Texas A & M, Engineering colleges like IIT’s & NIT’s and Global technology forums. His vision is to ‘Stretch Technology to Create value for the customers by providing innovative BIM solutions’.

  1. Scott Pittman, VP of U.S Operations, Pinnacle Infotech Inc. – BIM Services Houston, Colorado, United States

Scott is the VP of US Operations for Pinnacle Infotech. Scott has been in the construction field for over 33+ years. 11 Years in California with a large concrete company and 21 years in Colorado with one of the largest mechanical contractors in the state. Scott’s background in the construction industry encompasses Laborer, Journeyman, Foreman, Supervisor, CAD Detailer, CAD Project Leader and CAD Manager.

In 2001, he made the move from field to office to start his CAD venture as a Sheet metal detailer. By 2008 he was given the title as CAD Manager of a growing department. After much success as CAD Manger Scott was ready for his next challenge and decided to join Pinnacle Infotech in 2016. Scott oversees all US clients in his role at Pinnacle. He brings his construction background, ability to work with others, and the ability to coordinate effectively.

  1. Biswaroop Todi, Vice President, Pinnacle Infotech

Biswaroop Todi is the vice president of Pinnacle Infotech. He is the head of visions for Building Information Modelling (BIM) development, lines of operation, new vistas, domain verticals and technical horizontals, and integration with other industries diversification. Todi has played a significant role in the company’s overseas growth, leading to the execution of projects in more than 36 countries. Todi is always travelling to meet international BIM teams.

He sees and deals with every problem as being technological and methodological, and gives a treatise on every query that is thrown at him. Todi is the architect of the various lines of operation, and he cares about everything from the minutest details to the overall solution architecture. He is fascinated by the track of innovations, aesthetics, and everything that is in science and technology. Todi builds up a team on the spot, then takes them on a journey to success from one BIM project to another.

What are the Learning Objective?

  1. Managing an intricate network of linked Revit files, combined with Inventor components
  2. Discover basic principles of architectural modularization in BIM
  3. Model creation of repeatable building units in Revit
  4. Compile the information necessary for fabrication and architectural documentation in Revit and Inventor

What will be the topics covered?

MEP & Structural Fabrication

Who will be benefited?

  1. Production & Operations Manager
  2. Building Owner
  3. Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Engineer

Who should attend the classroom session?

  1. Project Managers/Engineers
  2. Owner/Principal
  3. Construction Managers interested in prefabrication technologies, building components, and full scale modular construction
  4. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Professionals who want to take full advantage of emerging industrialized construction techniques and aiming to develop BIM workflows from conception to fabrication

For more information, check out the session details of Autodesk University


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