Grand Success of Rendezvous India, Global Customer Meet 2018!!

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  1. India Sightseeing – Delhi to Durgapur


Starting from Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Durgapur to Delhi visit was indeed a great experience for the clients who got the chance to cherish the rich Indian heritage, monuments, forts and of course the Taj Mahal – one of the seven wonders of the world. They got a glimpse of the Indians from diverse cultural background and enjoyed the folk song, Rajasthani dance and the delicious Indian food. The entire tour including food, accommodation and sightseeing was sponsored by Pinnacle excepting the flight ticket by customers.

  1. Interaction with Pinnacle Team Members


Interaction with Pinnacle Team Members and Learning about Pinnacle’s Business Model about how to boost the Quality of Construction Projects with BIM Services. Clients communicated with Pinnacle team members regarding how Pinnacle specializes in BIM to validate design for constructability, applicable codes, performance and maintenance. They understood the way Pinnacle facilitates construction project coordination, collaboration, risk mitigation, logistic planning & cost estimate

  1. Exclusive Networking with Pinnacle Team


The exclusive event provided networking opportunities to the foreign clients, where they got an exposure of BIM Industry in different countries. The clients interacted with Pinnacle team members and got a better understanding of Pinnacle’s resources. Some of the clients imparted training to Pinnacle team members so that they can align work process as per their deliverables. The prospects who visited Pinnacle facilities were happy to see the capabilities of Pinnacle. The witness of the big facility boosted their confidence of working with Pinnacle. Many of the prospects even shifted to studio model work process, where specific Pinnacle resources will be working for them every month.

  1. Feedback on Pinnacle from Clients and Prospects

Check out our Feedback from Clients:

  1. Eliseo Delgado, Rodel Fire Protection Systems, Inc

“My experience with Pinnacle has been fantastic. We are doing business with them since 2014….They work late at night because of the difference in time of about 9 and a half hours. Sometimes our meeting extend late in the afternoon which is basically midnight here. They are very accommodating.”

  1. Jery Shapiro, Shapiro and Duncan

“We have been using Pinnacle for 2 years now recommended by T.P. Mechanical. There is passion from top to bottom. There is Quality Control. Pinnacle stepped in and did a great job in helping us to meet very unrealistic deadline for our mechanical job. So it was a very good experience. We have an influx of new contracts coming in more constantly.”

  1. Rayan Nowahed, A & P, Oman

“You are growing well and growing with the time. Wish you all the best.”

  1. Thai Pham, ICOM Mechanical Inc.

“Overall, my experience with Pinnacle has been very positive. The people here are very professional. Great experience – seeing India and seeing the company.”

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