Scott Pittman, Our VP of US Operation will be Talking at CanBIM

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BIM leader Pinnacle InfoTech is always ready to interact with construction professionals about the advantages of BIM implementation in the construction industry. At Can BIM Toronto, attendees will get the opportunity to know about how BIM would help them to rely on the prefabrication process on larger and more intricate ventures in the future.

Our Vice President Scott Pittman will take the stage at the Late Morning Concurrent Sessions of Can BIM Toronto on 26th September.

Get to Know, How to Implement BIM for Accelerating and Improving Production

Scott Pittman will speak at this event as an Executive Speaker during 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM. The talk session will happen at Technology Session 2B – Conference Level – Studio C.

Agenda of this session: Digital Transformation through Pre-fabrication and Modular Construction

Scott will be discussing how BIM combined with advanced prefabrication has facilitated integrated engineering workflow and how many of the dependencies and risks associated with traditional construction and prefabrication process are eliminated by relying on BIM-based prefabrication.

Pinnacle Promises You to Help with Prefabrication and Modular Construction

At Pinnacle, we offer digital prefabrication for structural engineers, homebuilders, MEP engineers, general contractors and specialty contractors to help them be fully benefited from prefabricated construction technique. The more critical the project the greater impact BIM will have on the prefabrication process. Pinnacle, being one of the front-runners of BIM industry can help clients to handle bulks of material, improve quality, reduce the chance of material wastage and minimize lead time and adjust late changes in design as well. Most importantly, we can help you to integrate BIM workflow into all construction phases, which ensures the accuracy of on-site and off-site prefabrication.

To know how to take advantage of well-organized BIM implementation for a seamless Prefabrication process, book your seat at the Late Morning Concurrent Sessions of Can BIM Toronto on 26th September.

And to make your business BIM-Enabled, give us a call, today!

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