Promotion of Audio-Visual Learning mode in Primary Education

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Audio-visual learning is described by delivery and the use of instructional content that involves sound and sight. It helps in strengthening teacher’s skills in making teaching-learning process more effective and to generate interest across different levels of students.

Audio-Visual Learning mode is one of the most widely used technology. Usage of the audio visual aids improves students’ critical and analytical thinking. It helps to remove abstract concepts through visual presentation. Most of the schools of central boards are taking support of Audio-Visual study materials in different forms.

To bring that same education practices in vernacular schools, PIS has taken an initiatives to introduce the Audio-Visual Learning mode to the nearby schools. SagarBhanga Hindi School, Nepali Para Hindi High School, Benachity Netaji Vidyalaya are few of them.

The happiness and excitement of the teachers and students of these schools is PIS’s reward in the journey of qualitative improvement of the learning outcome of the vernacular schools

Audio Visual learning
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