Remedial Classes for the ‘First Generation Learners (FGL)’

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‘First Generation Learners’ are considered as those children whose parents have either no education or dropped out after 8th grade. FGLfinds school education more difficult than their non-first generation counterparts. Assistance in completing the home work or helping them to understand the class room study makes their study experience smooth and easy.

Considering this need Pinnacle Infotech Solution (PIS) has set up ‘Remedial Class Room’ at Domra Village in Durgapur, West Bengal where FGL get assistance to understand the school education and also get food supplement.

Another hurdle FGL usually face is the lack of understanding of their parents to create a positive environment for Education at home. PIS organises monthly parents meeting to ensure parental encouragement for these students.

To encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities for holistic development, we also arrange extra-curricular activities for them regularly.

Remedial Classes
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