Pinnacle Infotech Presents the Series Of Nine Webinars: Disrupt or Be Eliminated

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Pinnacle Infotech Presents a series of nine webinars: Disrupt or Be Eliminated

Pinnacle Infotech conducted a nine day webinar series for the construction industry professionals covering the latest technology trends reshaping the AEC industry. Team of panelists from Pinnacle along with experts from Autodesk, Trimble, Dodge Data and Analytics explained each topic with project examples and case studies. Some of our clients also joined hands to share their experiences with the audience. This whole webinar series helped our audience to learn the technology trends disrupting the current construction industry and learned how to adapt it to stay on the race form the live case studies shared. The series was a great hit with more than 1000 attendees from across the world joining the sessions every day.

In case you missed to join our sessions live, you can watch the session recordings below. For more information on these topics, write to us at –

The List Of Webinars are Given Below:

  •  BIM 360 For Construction Lifecycle

Date: July 13th,2020


Priscilla Yue, Project BIM Manager |KPFF

Chris Palmer|Technical Solutions Executives| Autodesk

Biprajit Nag, Deputy General Manager, Architecture|Pinnacle Infotech

Key Learning:

  • Seamless workflow covering the complete project lifecycle from design to facilities management
  • Paperless flow collaboration between Client, Consultants, GC, Sub-contractors, Purchase, site team, inspection, and approval teams
  • Case studies of BIM 360 usage in iconic projects


  • Integrated MEP Design And Construction: The BIM Revolution

Date: 14th July 2020


Chip Branscum, P.E., Director of Engineering | Pinnacle Infotec

Steve Jones, Senior Director, Industry Insights Research|Dodge Data & Analytics

Key Learning:

  • BIM is redefining Integrated Design and Construction – Saving costs and time.
  • How to collaborate using the Central model and optimize the design and save significant project costs.
  • Integrating different analysis software with the BIM model.
  • Case studies with successful usage of the Integrated MEP design


  • AR/VR Paradigm Shift in the AEC Industry

Date: 15th July 2020


Steve Voorhees, Associate BIM Director |KPFF

Subhranil Chatterjee, Manager – Animation| Pinnacle Infotech

Learning Of This Session

  • How are ARE/VR bringing a paradigm shift
  • When is the time to pick this up?
  • Design stage
  • Coordination stage
  • Construction stage
  • How AR/VR disrupting the construction industry (Challenges and solutions)
  • Design review
  • Detecting & Reducing Coordination Errors
  • Enhancing Safety standards


  • Digital Twins: Digitalizing a Better Built Environment & Facilities Management

Date: July 17th, 2020


Bimal Patwari, CEO|Pinnacle Infotech

Konstantinos Pavlidis, Senior BIM Project Manager|Pinnacle Infotech

Greg Walker, Partner |Houser Walker Architecture

Key Learning:

  • How a digital twin can assist maintenance and operational efficiency
  • Building the digital twin – the process, timelines, and costs
  • The paradigm shift in FM and CMMS by integrating with BIM


  •  Precast – When and How to Make it Happen

Date: July 20th, 2020


Sudhir Singamsethi, VP Engineering| ATMI Precast

Jonathan Recknagel |Trimble UK

Gautam Das, Assistant General Manager|Pinnacle Infotech

Key Learning:

  • When to use precast?
  • How the tilt-up modularity system works and BIM helps in improving precast workflows
  • Learn when is the right time to adopt BIM in different construction stages (Preconstruction, Construction, and Post-construction)
  • Complete planning guide for precast and Do’s and Don’ts


  • Automating Construction Site

Date: 21st July 2020


Ken Shawler, International Sales Manager – MEP Division |Trimble

Pankaj Sao, Assistant General Manager – MEP BIM | Pinnacle Infotech

Scott Pittman, Vice President|Pinnacle Infotech

Key Learning

  • Automating construction site with various field solutions

a) Bi-directional automation of site with the central BIM model.

b) Automated placement of sleeves, inserts, etc.

c) Updation of BIM model with site as-built

  • Automated site layouts – foundation, building elements, etc.
  • Automated layouts of Drywalls, ducts and piping routing, equipment and facilities


  • BIM 3D Model-Based Take-Offs and Estimation

Date: July 22nd, 2020


Rob Lee, BIM Relationship Manager |Pinnacle Infotech

Pankaj Sao, Assistant General Manager – MEP BIM | Pinnacle Infotech

Scott  Pittman, Vice President | Pinnacle Infotech

Key Learning Of This Session :

  • Learn how BIM and other software help to improve the estimation process.
  • Learn to handle change management
  • Learn how easily we can generate BOQ, Material cost, Labor cost from estimation software.
  • Get more accurate estimation with minimum effort


  • Technology Disruption in Construction Industry

Date: July 23rd, 2020


Michael Gustafson, Senior Industry Strategy Manager |Autodesk

Chip Branscum, P.E, Director of Engineering| Pinnacle Infotech

Naman Patwari, Technology Enthusiast| Pinnacle Infotech

Key Learning Of This Session

  • Transformative technologies that are shaping the future
  • what areas need it the most, and what more to expect
  • Discover where augmented reality comes into play • Review the technology tools your company should be considering


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