How Specialty Contractor can Improve Productivity with BIM

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The only way to make concrete work is profitable is to improve productivity and chances of reduced re-work. If you are a concrete contractor then you already know how competitive the sector is becoming with every passing year. In order to place concrete faster and in better ways than your competitors, you need to hire assistance from professionals who are working with a variety of outside elements. Outside influence can negatively affect your productivity. Here you will get to know-how with the help of BIM implementation you can improve productivity.

Since its inception, BIM is helping design professional to create more accurate and practical designs. Not only design professionals, but construction contractors too are BIM’s fastest-growing consumers. BIM processes can offer concrete contractors the best tools to improve site productivity and reduce risk. BIM service providers are committed to helping concrete contractors with improved site productivity and reduced risk. BIM can offer varied ways to improve information exchanging among stakeholders and it makes changes easy to adopt.

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Document clarification

Document clarification creates the most confusion on a job site. Asking repeatedly about the missing dimension and details slow down the crew. But the simple act of preparing BIM concrete lift drawing delivers the best way to address many critical questions even before the construction begins.

Preparing Lift Drawings

Productivity improvement is possible with BIM concrete lift drawings. Trained professionals prepare the drawing depending on the marked-up key plan offered by the concrete foreman. In the past, the foreman was required to hand-draw these lift drawings, which took time away from managing the site. Now with BIM, these drawings can be prepared on different BIM software.

Advantages of Concrete Life Drawings

Another advantage of BIM for concrete contractors is regarding the pour. If the pour for a particular day had to be changed due to weather or other factors, it’s really hard to change hand drawings. With BIM lift drawing can be changed within just a few minutes and can be reissued to the field without any loss of productive work hours.

Another aspect regarding concrete lift drawing that has been proven a boon for concrete contractors is as concrete lift drawing is centered on an internal database, it can automatically offer quantities of concrete required for each pour, manpower projection, and square footage of formwork.  All of these improve the facility to track metrics for future work.

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At Pinnacle We Work on Different Concrete Lift Drawings

At Pinnacle, we offer precise concrete lift drawing as per AISC & ASCE standards from 3D models to make detailing for the structure more prominent. Shop drawings are getting generated automatically from the 3D model only after the dimensions get approved.

At Pinnacle, we offer the following concrete lift drawing

•    General Notes & Abbreviations

•    Cover Sheet

•    Slab on Grade & Slab Arrangement

•    Foundation Plan

•    Wall Elevation

•    Wall & Column Arrangement

•    Slab Soffit Plan

•    Section & Detail

•    Formwork Shop Drawing

•    Reinforcement Shop Drawing

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