Laser Scan – Revolutionizing Construction Quality & Safety Management

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The process of laser scanning has taken the construction industry by storm. In recent years, industry professionals have taken to laser scanning big time for two reasons primarily –

  • Low costs
  • Accuracy

Apart, from these two, laser scanning offers other powerful benefits such as –

  • Reduced installation time
  • Improved construction quality
  • Enhanced site safety

How is laser scanning revolutionizing construction quality?

In construction, there are many components that are prefabricated. Laser scanning can help in inspecting these components to check if their dimensions and orientations are accurate before they are assembled and installed.

This is done when the project is in progress so that the concerned person can rectify the error at the earliest before the issue turns into a more significant one.

Moreover, once a large component is built in the fabrication yard, like this steel frame, it is virtually placed at its intended position on the site through laser scanning. This is done to check if the actual frame will fit correctly so that reworks are avoided.

In the case of renovations and retrofits, laser scanning plays a crucial role. It facilitates the creation of accurate as-built models including the existing dimensions and state of the building. The advantage here is that the degree of detail in these models is extremely high. As a result, engineers and architects who use these as-built models as the basis for renovation have high-quality input to work with.

Creating a safe workplace

Since laser scanning yields very precise and accurate data, the safety at the construction site gets a huge boost. The existing conditions at a site can be understood better. For example – the location of heavy equipment or other potential workplace hazards can be identified and the resulting information used to guide the people working on the site.

As laser scans can be used to monitor the progress at a construction site, it gives the project planners a detailed idea of how the worksite evolves with time. The planners then extract information from the data and relay the same to the workers on-site to create a safer workplace.


Laser scanning is anticipated to be the next big thing in construction. In fact, it is ideal if designers and contractors incorporate laser scanning in their projects. Pinnacle Infotech has undertaken laser scanning for 500+ clients in a span of 20 years. We have a team of highly experienced and competent professionals who work across time zones to cater to an international clientele. To know more about how our laser scanning services can assist you on your project, you can connect with us

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