The Benefits of Integrating BIM into Your Construction Strategy

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Unless you live under the rock, we are assuming you already know about Building Information Modeling services swamping the construction business. With smart cities becoming the talk of the town, developers and contractors have started giving more attention to BIM. However, there’s more to BIM than only 3D models.


Why discussing  Building Information Modeling becomes so crucial, even in 2020?

Because BIM is the game changer! We already know how BIM can effectively enhance project collaboration among teams. Don’t just take our words for it. Various studies, market surveys have already proved it. According to one of the Connecting Team Study:

  • With BIM engineering service, project teams can reduce project errors by 61%
  •  BIM decreases the time needed for communication by 55%
  • BIM guarantees better project clarity and improves client satisfaction by 52%
  •  Additionally, 82% of BIM users have achieved positive ROI

BIM is an information-rich set of data obtained and collaborated by various stakeholders- from the team working with designs to contractors, construction engineers, and the owner.

Let’s get one thing clear; Architectural, Structural BIM engineering services not only be used for building commercial or residential projects but also for iconic construction projects like bridges, dams, railways, and so on. With Building Information Modelling, you can see a design plan’s viability before the construction process starts.

BIM is remodeling the ACS industry! How do you ask? Read on to know more!

BIM and Construction Management

Building engineers face hurdles like a limited workforce, diverse design changes, tight budgets, opposing requests, and stimulated schedules. Now BIM helps ACS professionals identify issues in the early stage, and they can also be sure about the precise area of the errors. BIM is bridging the communication and information gap between the team working with designs and the construction team, including buyers, enabling all parties to be on the same page always!

BIM and Material Cost

Now, it’s not a brainer! If you get to identify the conflicts in the pre-construction stage, you can save material and time. Decreased change in order, reworks make production more effective and help to cut material expenditure. Projects get over on time and under the right budget, all thanks to BIM.

Get Benefited by Integrating BIM in a Construction Strategy!

  • Exact cost and time estimation

Time and cost estimations are crucial elements of every construction project. Every stakeholder wants to know the overall estimates and the time it will take the project to get completed. Manual estimation has proven to be tiresome and somewhat ineffective. BIM helps with realistic and precise assessments from the design to the planning stages by reducing human error. Construction projects are completed without any significant setback and on-time because of accurate cost and time estimations.

  • Active Communication

Many times, stakeholders in a development project are large teams with members located in different countries. In the traditional process, to collaborate during the construction phase, they are required to hold many meetings or make countless calls. However, BIM contributes to efficient information sharing over a CDE.

BIM enables teams to interact efficiently. With BIM tools, teams can achieve common goals in the shortest time because BIM unifies all of the information and make collaboration easy. If any team makes some changes to the models, other teams can see that and instantly work on the revised model. As a result, every team gets up to date information regarding every phase of the project.

  • Zero Reworks or Redesigns

Traditionally, plans would go through various changes during the construction process. BIM provides a digital model upon which teams can rework and if needed, redesigns before the development is actually done. Thanks to the BIM model that represents the physical characteristics of the structure.

Teams can visualize the complete structure in a shared CDE before contractors lay the foundation, and they can make all the required changes. BIM saves construction time by reducing reworks and redesigns.

Staying Ahead!

Are you on the fence about BIM in your construction project? Mark our words, BIM Usages will continue to rise only. So now do yourself a favor and hop on the BIM bandwagon before it’s too late.

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