Pinnacle Organizes Vaccination Drive across its offices in India

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India has recorded 30 million COVID-19 cases till date. The pandemic has brought the country to its knees – with shortages of medicine and oxygen, hospital beds, and lifesaving equipment like ventilators. Moreover, accessing life-saving vaccines to combat COVID-19 has been difficult due to long queues in hospitals.

In distressing times like these, Pinnacle has taken up the responsibility to vaccinate all of its employees and their families for free. Vaccination camps were set up at Pinnacle’s offices in Durgapur, Jaipur, and Kolkata. Trained doctors and nurses administered the vaccines under strict supervision to ensure the program went on without a hitch.

We asked a few of the employees to share their feedback on the vaccination drive, here are their responses –

“Getting vaccinated was a great experience. Kudos to Pinnacle for setting it up.”
Sangram Khan (Assistant Manager – BIM)

“I am grateful to Pinnacle for organizing the drive. It is extremely challenging at the moment of getting vaccinated at the hospitals.”
Sourav Mondal (Deputy Manager – Communications)

“It was a great experience. The person administering the vaccine was very professional. Thank you Pinnacle for organizing the vaccination drive.”
Nilendu Nath (Senior Executive – Animation)


Pinnacle Organizes Vaccination Drive
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