Plant 3D Plugin: Line Number Selector

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Modelling Software: Plant 3D

Technologies used: .NET, C#, SQL

Select all pipes connected via Line Number by choosing the desired Line Number Tag.

Why was it developed?
Users often need to select all pipes of the same Line Number in order to make the same modifications to all of them. They first need to identify all Line Numbers active in the drawing by manually hovering over each pipe and then selecting the appropriate pipes. This task involves a tremendous amount of manual labor with a high scope for error. Moreover, the effort needs to repeated when selecting the pipe layout of a different Line Number. This can be solved using the native Data Manager tool but it still requires multiple clicks.


Output and value addition

At Pinnacle, we construct certainty with technology. Our R&D Division developed a Line Number Selector automation tool to reduce this entire process into a single command line entry.




The tool first generates the complete list of all the Line Number Tags available in the selected area and by selecting the Line Number Tag from the available List, the whole Pipe Line get selected.


And just like that, we have optimized productivity, eliminated errors, and constructed certainty.




While the plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project. Pinnacle provides BIM Consultancy and you can speak to consultants for design requirements.

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