Navisworks Add-in | ClashOptimizer: Clash Reduction in Navisworks

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Modeling Software: Navisworks

Technologies used: .NET, C#

Optimize clash reduction in Navisworks by organizing clashes into logical groups for easier visualization and coordination with the latest Navisworks Add-in.

Why was it developed?
Navisworks native tool Clash Detective helps users detect the total number of clashes in a file.

However, Clash Detective counts the same clash multiple times from different views. It takes a tremendous amount of manual labor to sort through each clash to find duplicates. Our production team required an automatic method to get the accurate number of clashes. Hence, the ‘ClashOptimizer’ Navisworks add-in was developed.

Value Addition
At Pinnacle, we construct certainty with technology.

The ‘ClashOptimizer’ Navisworks add-in optimizes clash reduction in Navisworks by organizing the clashes into logical groups. We introduced a tolerance slider to control the aggressiveness of clashes being grouped together.
Users can control the aggressiveness of clash reduction in Navisworks. ClashOptimizer reduces clashes in Navisworks by grouping them together.

ClashOptimizer also offers multiple clash management features. For example: storing metadata about the clashes grouped together, which clashes have been reviewed ,and many more to aid clash reduction in Navisworks.

Users can quickly ungroup clashes and move clashes between groups. The tool updates instantaneously which allows users to play around with the tolerance slider as per their needs.

ClashOptimizer offers multiple clash management features to reduce clashes in Navisworks

And just like that, we have optimized productivity, eliminated errors, and constructed certainty.


While the plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project

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