AutoCAD Add-in | Attribute Synchronizer

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Modeling Software: AutoCAD


Technologies used: .NET, C#



Synchronize all the required Attribute blocks with a single execution to save time, improve project efficiency, and eliminate human errors.


Why was it developed?

The AutoCAD software does not allow its users to select and synchronize multiple attributes in one go.

A default command named ‘ATTSYNC’ can synchronize one Attribute block according to the user choice. However, if there are so many Attribute blocks, the user must execute this command one by one for all Attributes (Name wise) to get the required result. The Attribute Synchronizer tool resolves this issue as one can now synchronize all the selected Attribute blocks with one execution.


Value Addition

The Attribute Synchronizer tool saves users from the hassle of repeatedly executing the ‘ATTSYNC’ command to synchronize multiple attribute blocks and see the last update done in the block editor.








The Attribute Synchronizer add-in is extremely helpful in any project where one must change attributes according to the project’s requirements. You can easily select multiple attribute blocks simultaneously and synchronize them instantly, minimizing human errors, saving time, and improving project efficiency.





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