Pinnacle Celebrates India’s 73rd Republic Day

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Every Indian should now forget that he is a Rajput, a Sikh or a Jat. He must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in his country but with certain duties.” – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


Pinnacle celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day on 26th January 2022 with the employees.


The message of oneness was shared by Bimal Patwari, Co-Founder & CEO, & Sapna Patwari, Co-Founder & Director, Pinnacle Infotech, as they commenced the celebrations by unfurling the national flag in front of the administrative building.


After that, Mr. Patwari delivered the Republic Day speech to the audience. He emphasized that a workforce without unity is not a strength unless harmonized and united properly. He also highlighted Pinnacle’s part in the nation’s progress through its CSR initiatives and business performance.


The residential children then marked the event with their fantastic music and dance performances. The National Fervor gripped the audience through the performances and the speech.

Pinnacle celebrates Republic Day, 2022
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