Revit Add-in | Nearest Grid Dimensioner

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Modeling Software: Revit


Technologies used: .NET, C#


Revit Add-In Function

The ‘Nearest Grid Dimensioner’ Revit add-in reduces or eliminates manual efforts to provide dimension, saving time and improving efficiency. It also offers options to incorporate continuous or baseline dimension standards in the quickest manner possible.


Why was it developed?

A Revit user needs to provide dimension quickly. Moreover, the user must provide dimensions according to project standards, for instance, providing dimensions from the outer edge, nearest edge, or center. The dimension may be in the baseline or continuation standard as per the requirement. However, to perform this sort of grid dimensioning, the user has to press the tab key in the Revit interface to get the required edge or center of the element, making the process tedious and time-consuming. The tool ‘Nearest Grid Dimensioner’ add-in automates this entire process.

Revit Add-in 1                       Revit Add-in 2

Value Addition

The Nearest Grid Dimensioner add-in saves users from the hassle of manually creating dimensions for each duct, pipe, cable tray, or any short piece that the user must provide dimensions in the model. Hence, it saves a lot of user time and effort, ultimately increasing project efficiency and productivity. In addition, it reduces human error.



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Nearest Grid Dimensioner Revit Add-in
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