Reward & Recognition Program, 2022

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The 2022 Reward & Recognition Program was held at Pinnacle Infotech Durgapur and Kolkata Global delivery centers on 4th March 2022 to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional contribution and excellence of the employees.

The entire Pinnacle family came together for an evening filled with entertainment, food, and awards. Pinnacalites enthusiastically cheered on the electrifying music and dance performances and their colleagues’ receiving awards.

Mr. Bimal Patwari, the CEO, congratulated the Pinnacalites for their exceptional performance and inspired them with an inspirational speech.


The awards were split into two categories –

Business Excellence Awards

  • The High Flyer Award
  • The Technocrat Award
  • The Nurturer Award
  • The Chief Closer Award (BD)
  • The Maestro Award
  • The Client Champion Award
  • The Catalyst Award
  • The Voyager Award (OSD)
  • The Polymath Award
  • The Best Team in MEP/ACS (Team Wise)
  • The Best Project in MEP/ACS (Team Wise)


People & Culture Awards

  • The Helping Hand Award
  • The Exceptional Implementer
  • The Best Conversationalist Award
  • The Absolute Attendance Award
  • Mr. Pinnacle & Ms. Pinnacle Award



Reward & Recognition 2022
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