AutoCAD Add-in | Elevation Modifier

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Modeling Software: AutoCAD

Technologies used: .NET, C#


 AutoCAD Add-In Function

Increase or decrease the existing numeric value as per the value given by the user. 


AutoCAD elevation modifier


Why was it developed?

In the context of elevation information through plan drawing, we use the Mtext element as per user requirements. Whenever the user needs to change the elevation according to the finish floor level or another base level, the annotation may not be updated because the AutoCAD Mtexts are not embedded with the AutoCAD entities. Therefore, the user has to update all the related Mtext by calculating the last updated elevation of the base level.


Thankfully, the ‘AutoCAD Add-in Elevation Modifier’ can update the required value-based user-provided numeric value on selected Mtext by calculating the existing numeric elevation value.


Value Addition

The user can use the AutoCAD Add-in Elevation Modifier to increment/decrement the existing value as per user choice. The user only has to provide the numeric value during the update of the selected Mtext. In addition, one can use a negative value to decrease the existing Mtext value.


This add-in is convenient and easy to access with multiple selections and wild card search functionality. It saves time and cost, improving project efficiency. It also eliminates human error.


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AutoCAD Elevation Modifier
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