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Modeling software: Revit

Technologies used: .NET, C#



Revit add-in function

Select and delete unused views quickly from a single UI with our View Purger add-in.

View Purger



Why was it developed?

Some views remain unused in a sheet in the Revit model. So, the user must identify any unwanted views in the sheet and delete them, as their accumulation could make Revit files heavy in size and difficult to load. Even Revit now does not comprise a feature that allows users to select unwanted views conveniently and delete them with a single click. Hence, the Pinnacle R&D team developed the View Purger Revit add-in.


One can easily delete unused views with the multiple selection feature.  


Value addition

The View Purger Revit add-in is a handy tool. It offers benefits such as:

  • Light-weight and easily loadable Revit files
  • Improved visibility in the project browser
  • Saves time and improves project efficiency



While the plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project. Consult with us on BIM Services for a comprehensive and sustainable plan.



View Purger
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