Ankuran Organizes Summer Camp for Kids

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“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” – Robert A. Heinlein.


Ankuran successfully organized its first summer camp in association with Durgapur Bidhannagar Marwari Mahila Samiti, and it was incredible. 


The 6-day summer camp, which started on the 16th of May, ended on the 21st of May. 


The 4-hours sessions each day focused on different activities like yoga and health, maths activities, and fun with science experiments. The camp welcomed students from class 3 to class 10. 


The students who enrolled in the summer camp had a great time and learned a lot of things. In addition, the students learned the science behind the magic shows and how to plant a sapling and take care of it. 


Ankuran organizes Summer Camp
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