What ist Imported Categories Cleaner ? – Revit add-ins

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Modeling Software: Revit

Technologies used: .NET, C#



Revit Add-In Function

Delete the elements of Imports in Families with the Imported Categories Cleaner Revit add-in.

Imported Categories Cleaner

Why was it developed?

Some elements in the Import remain unused after creating families (Import). To improve the Revit file’s quality, one should remove such elements from the ‘Import Categories.’ As their accumulation could make Revit files heavy in size and difficult to load, our R&D team has created a simple yet robust Revit add-in to serve the purpose.  


Value Addition

The Imported Categories Cleaner is a handy Revit add-in that offers benefits such as:

  • Improves overall health of the Revit files
  • Eliminates chances of fatal errors during operation in Revit file
  • Saves time and improves project efficiency


While the plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to info@pinnacleinfotech.com to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project. Share your requirement with us for a detailed approach & BIM Solution.


Imported Categories Cleaner 2
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