Revit Add-in | Line Pattern Purger

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Modeling Software: Revit

Technologies used: .NET, C#



Revit Add-In Function

Quickly purge line patterns that are not used in the Revit document.


Why was it developed?

The health of a Revit file is impacted due to unwanted line patterns. However, the Revit software does not have the option to quickly and conveniently purge the unwanted line pattern. Hence, our R&D team has come up with an efficient way to purge unwanted line patterns in the form of a Revit add-in that can do the job promptly.  



Value Addition

The Line Pattern Purger Revit add-in can list all line patterns to purge the selected listed line pattern in a few clicks. The model health of the Revit file will be good with this kind of purge tool. This kind of tool can reduce fatal errors during the operation of the Revit file.


  • Provide good quality Revit files apart from health
  • Reduce the Revit file size without deleting the important part of the Revit model
  • The UI of the add-in can list all kinds of line patterns available in the current Revit file
  • Enables quick selection of unwanted line patterns that are required to be deleted


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