Revit Add-in | Overlapped Element Remover

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Modeling Software: Revit

Technologies used: .NET, C#



Revit Add-In Function

Identify and delete elements that are overlapped with other elements through Solid Intersection, Boundingbox Intersection, and Line Intersection.

Overlapped Element Remover

Why was it developed?

Overlapping elements can create a lot of confusion for engineers. Moreover, it adversely affects the Revit file’s health. Hence, it is essential to remove overlapped elements. 

It is time-consuming to identify and delete overlapped elements in Revit. So, our R&D team has developed the Overlapped Element Remover add-in to easily recognize and remove overlapped elements. The tool is beneficial apart from maintaining the quality of the Revit file. The tool helps engineers to decide what will be the best action taken if getting any overlapped element. 



Value Addition

  • Provides good quality Revit file
  • Helps the modeler to find out the overlapped model by category selection in the current Revit file


This Revit add-in can:

  • Save time
  • Improve project efficiency 
  • Support healthier documentation


The plugins we develop are not directly for sale, connect with us directly. We are a global leader in BIM Services executed over 7500 BIM projects for 1200+ satisfied clients. 



Overlapped Element Remover
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