Pinnacle Organizes Nutritional Kitchen Gardening at Tribal Villages

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“One who plants trees loves others besides themselves.” -Thomas Fuller. 


Pinnacle has always considered ‘community-building & green initiative’ as integral to its foundational values. Hence, as a continued effort, Pinnacle organized saplings and seeds distribution as a part of the Nutritional Kitchen Gardening drive at the tribal villages in the Gopalpur gram panchayat.

We successfully distributed the seeds and saplings to over 50 tribal families in the villages of Karandanga, Dhoandanga, and Monerkonda.


Saplings Distributed: Papaya, Stone Apple, & Indian Gooseberry

Seeds Distributed: Pumpkin, Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Spinach, Water Spinach, Red Spinach & Green Amarnath 


We aim to work within the community, a union between the land, people, and agriculture. We must treat it with love and respect.


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