REVIT Add-in | Coordinate Value Reflector

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Modeling Software: REVIT
Technologies used: .NET, C#

REVIT Add-In Function

Will reflect the coordinates of selected elements by category and display the parameters in the property palette.


Why was it developed?

While analyzing the structure for the distance/coordinates of the units and families mounted at a particular position, or to be mounted in a position, the coordinates and distance from the desired point (decided base location) of reference become crucial data. Ideally, this data must be precisely accurate, and free from Manual errors for efficient execution.


How will this tool be helpful?

At first, this tool will replace manual dependence over the accuracy of distance/coordinates of a unit from the mount or a set reference point (decided base point). In addition, it will provide results in a click that would be accurate, precise, and free from manual errors.



Value Addition

  • It will replace the Manual dependence on crucial data and provide accurate figures for the distance and coordinates.
  • It allows the user to select the unit of measurement. Provides results in ‘Feet’ – By default.
  • Helpful in Scheduling: For say, a user can directly show up the units, and doesn’t require to use the formula while scheduling. Ultimately, it saves the time and resources consumed in the manual process.



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