REVIT Add-in | Parameter Purger

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Modeling Software: REVIT

Technologies used: .NET, C#

REVIT Add-In Function

It will delete the project parameters & shared parameters which are not in use, from the model.

Why was it developed?

It was developed to fulfill the requirement of removing or purging the unwanted and empty parameters from the model or a situation. Its minimum system requirement ranges between Autodesk Revit 2016 version to 2021. But no additional configuration is required.

Value Addition

  • When the user requires to remove unwanted parameters, one can easily purge them from the model using the Fetch & Delete button.
  • In order to enhance the file performance and delete unnecessary parameters, this tool is designed to be useful.
  • There are some parameters which we may not need anymore and are not easily distinguished as well. This tool here, would automatically categorize the ‘not in use’ parameters and allow you to purge them.
  • Revit File health improves by decreasing the optimization time and file size.
  • Often, there are duplicate parameters with the same name, which are difficult to distinguish. This tool may help in churning the unwanted ones and keep the required ones within the file.

Below is the image showing the selection & deletion of unwanted parameters.

REVIT Add-in

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REVIT Add-in
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