Celebrating the spirit of Durga Puja – Community Support Activity at Ankuran Centers

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Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.” Booker T. Washington


The occasion of Durga Puja / Navaratri is an occasion of immense joy for each one of us. Durga represents Shakti, and also embodies a mother’s love and sympathy. As we celebrate the festival like every other year with love and compassion, many in the community don’t get to experience the joy of it.

So in an effort to make children coming from the tribal society feel like a part of mainstream society, we decided to organize community support drives across all the Ankuran centers. A total of 460 students at these centers were provided with Jeans and T-shirts.

As our VALUES encapsulate community support as a whole, the gleaming smiles of these children made us move one step closer to achieving this dream. Their smiles were reposeful and we are grateful for being the reason for their smiles

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