REVIT Add-in | Min-Max Elevation

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Modeling Software: REVIT
Technologies used: .NET, C#


REVIT Add-In Function

This tool is used to find out the elevation against the highest and lowest point of that particular element with respect to the project base point.

Why was it developed?

While working on the coordination, usually we need to change the elevation of an element according to the client’s requirement, for which we have to check the section view and the availability of the coordination space. Therefore, by using this tool, we can get the minimum and maximum elevation of the element against the project base point.

Value Addition

  • Brings out the minimum and maximum elevation points automatically.
  • Useful at placing a spot elevation on a selected point using the created Shared Parameter.
  • Applicable for both the slanted and normal elements.
  • Provides Accuracy and precision to the end result.

Below is the image showing the minimum and maximum elevation of the element

Min Max Elevation

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REVIT Add-in | Min-Max Elevation
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