AutoCAD Add-in | Mtext Manipulation Tool

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Modeling Software: AutoCAD
Technologies used: .NET, C#


AutoCAD Add-In Function

To remove the overridden properties which may get affected during PDF creation and AutoCAD Mtext character visualization.

Mtext Manipulation Tool


Why was it developed?

AutoCAD user needs to remove the overridden properties which get affected while PDF creation and AutoCAD Mtext character visualization. Actually, the Mtext looks different with the overridden properties as it belongs to the same style and layers. Thus, to change the stacked properties, width properties, underline, etc. as per project requirements, this Add-in was created.

Mtext Manipulation Tool


Value Addition

  • It automates the process of eliminating the overridden Mtext element.
  • Also, if a user wants to, one can apply formatting manipulation.
  • A user can edit multiple Mtext elements at once using this tool.
  • If any architectural fractional text is available in the Mtext, it can be changed its stacked properties like Diagonal Stack, Horizontal Stack, and Non-Stack.


The plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project.

Mtext Manipulation Tool
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