REVIT Add-in | Custom Leader-head placer

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Modeling Software: REVIT
Technologies used: .NET, C#

REVIT Add-In Function

To place a custom symbol arrow family in the place of leader pointers.

Why was it developed?

When we are trying to provide arrowheads with some symbolic representation according to the element’s cross-section, it’s required to change the arrowhead to be integral or elliptical or blank box, etc. However, in default Revit, there is no option to add a custom arrowhead. The user has to add the related arrowhead family manually by changing the leader head to none.

This tool would help to automate placing those decided families in one go based on user selection.

Value Addition

  • It will save the time required in changing the arrowheads manually one by one.


  • The symbol is not to be embedded with the leader’s head.
  • Since the user needs to run twice the tool while the leader pointer is displaced from the previous position.

Prerequisites for this Plugin

  • Minimum system requirements for Autodesk Revit.
  • No additional configuration is required.
  • The user needs to set the leader head as NONE, before starting the activity.
  • Users have to select at least one tag or text note where the leader is available. The decided symbol needs to be available in the current Revit project file or at the same location where the assembly file is located.

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