REVIT Add-in | Parameter Manager

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Modeling Software: REVIT
Technologies used: .NET, C#

REVIT Add-In Function

To convert the Instance parameter to the Type parameter and vice-versa.

Why was it developed?

While converting a parameter, we have to follow a process that takes time. This tool is developed to shorten the process involved in converting the parameter from Instance to Type.

The process involves going to the Manage Tab, then Selecting the required Parameter by name, and hitting on Modify button to convert it.

Value Addition

  • This tool will allow converting batches of parameters instead of converting one parameter at a time.
  • This tool creates an automated solution that is used to convert the instance parameter to a type parameter and vice-versa.


  • It will only work on share parameters.

Prerequisites for this Plugin

  • Active Revit document must have share parameter
  • Minimum system requirements for Autodesk Revit 2019 to 2023 version.
  • No additional configuration is required.

The plugins we develop are not directly for sale, please reach out to to learn how Pinnacle can add certainty to your next project.

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