What Is AutoCAD?

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AutoCAD is a drafting software used by architects and engineers to draft 2D or 3D designs of buildings, automobiles, other machinery, etc. AutoCAD is owned by Autodesk and built to meet the industrial requirement of an accurate and speedy design of any product before its modeling.

The AEC industry is the biggest user of AutoCAD, and primarily, the BIM services provider requires CAD-drafted designs first to prepare a model of a building. Buildings were constructed when their design was drafted accurately, following the modeling process that is done through BIM, i.e., Building Information Modeling.


Usage of AutoCAD

AutoCAD, by name, suggests that it is used by drafters and architects only. However, it is a tool with multiple applications. For example;


  • Engineers use it to design tools or even complex machine parts, including space shuttles.
  • CAD drawings are used to facilitate CNC machines to prepare prototypes for peculiar machinery parts.
  • Irrespective of size, AutoCAD can be used to fabricate pieces and help make a giant machine itself.
  • When it is about 4D, i.e., simulating transforming space over time, AutoCAD is a helpful tool.
  • In the Aerospace industry, AutoCAD plays a major role.


CAD Services by Pinnacle Infotech

Pinnacle Infotech, being a global BIM leader, is fundamental to serving CAD Drafting services. This is because the role of CAD services in the AEC industry is pivotal, and a BIM services provider can only work with a proper drafting tool.

In 31 years of long span, Pinnacle has offered Different CAD services with expertise, including Landscape services, Redline Drawings, Indexing and Renaming, and Drawing conversions.

  • Landscape services include consideration of climate, soil, drainage, and elevation to ensure designs are effective and sustainable in the long run. The key elements of landscape architecture, according to the Landscape experts of Pinnacle, are effective management and planning of the available space. Pinnacle takes very good care of the aesthetic and protected environment.
  • Scanned Drawing Conversion has been a part of Pinnacle’s CAD-based services for 30 years. From hand sketches to CAD conversion services for architects, contractors, engineers, and other industry professionals, Pinnacle provides accurate CAD formats by manually redrafting drawings with accurate dimensions and scale. Legacy drawing conversions, As-built drawings, Electrical Plans & Panel layouts, Towers & Antenna Dishes, Construction Drawing sets, Floor plan layouts, Fire evacuation maps, and Survey plans.
  • Redline Markups are essential annotations for an on-site survey. Pinnacle specializes in creating a comprehensive guide for client documents through indexing and is actively involved in the process of creating indexes for record collections. Pinnacle’s indexing and renaming services include Mechanical Equipment Index, Power Unit Index, and Turbine Index.
  • Large construction firms seek Bulk Drawing Conversions with large-quantity drawings. Pinnacle helps companies convert drawings to specific CAD formats, such as DWG, DFX, and DWG, from other formats like TIFF, MCD, or scanned images.

Pinnacle CAD Drafting services have been reviewed as best by clients from distinct sectors, be it Hospitals, Airports, Commercial buildings, etc. To learn more about Pinnacle’s BIM implementation strategy, contact us for a free consultation and knowledge about BIM services.

Author’s Bio

Aayush Goswami is a Mechanical Engineer who chooses to instead contribute as a technical writer. He believes in doing things that make him feel effortless. Therefore, he has been writing for more than 7 years in order to transcend his writing skills. He enjoys debates on social problems and their solutions and possesses expertise in automobile engineering too. He is always a keen learner who usually stays excited to add new things to his knowledge arsenal. Nowadays, he is writing professional articles on the technologies and tools used by AEC industry leaders, which is a part of his interest as well.





What is AutoCAD
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